What happened to this place?!

When people say they want to explore the Signal Hill Abandoned Mansion, this is the place that people are usually thinking about. A mansion that has more or less 12 Stories (above & below ground) with over 30 rooms!

Although abandoned, this place is quite popular amongst the locals of Sabah to visit due to its eerie story & of course, the breathtaking view of the Likas Coastal Highway, which is also facing Mount Kinabalu. See picture below.

A place although eerie & abandoned, it is a place so unique that has a million dollar view. This place is so popular that many people have done vlogs about it, dance videos and even music videos!

Click to watch the video below to have a virtual tour of your own.

Although it is quite popular, many people do not seem to know about the story behind it. It seems like nobody has the answers to it online as well. After doing quite a bit of research into this, we managed to come up with a story that will blow your minds! Get ready! 

This story will take us back 30 over years, where it all started. It first belonged to the late Datuk Dr. James Ongkili , who was the  Former Justice Minister and also among the first Sabahans to be a full Federal Cabinet minister in the 1980s. It was only in 1995 where he sold the house to a Mr Chang Kok Chung , a Malaysian Businessman, real estate & property developer a.k.a the founder of  C.H. & Sons Development Sdn Bhd.

Before the property was bought over, it was said to be just an old house. It was only after it was bought over that, Mr Chang Kok Chung decided to build the mega story mansion that it is today. 

Here is a photo of him in his younger days. See picture below.

Now, one would ask, why would someone build such a big house? Did Mr Chang had a huge family? Well, to cut the long story short, it looks like Mr Chang was quite the philanthropist himself. He took in quite a few youngsters in the earlier days, giving them jobs & putting a roof over their head. He treated all of them like a family of his own. Which probably is the reason why he built such a big house. It was so that all of them could live together in the same place. 

(Mr Chang seated in the middle)

However, according to some sources, it is said that the mansion was built without any proper approval even until today. We ourselves also couldn't find any information on the building which compels us to believe the reason behind this was because Mr Chang had problems getting the occupational certificate  due to a problem with the building plan. Although the mansion was without an occupational cert, Mr Chang went on to live in that mansion with his family. 

According to some sources, a mansion like this on top of the hill looks like a "Dragon's Head" and in order for anybody to live here, they must have strong spirit. What these people are trying to say is that, this place is home not only to humans but other beings that are not. One eerie fact about this whole story is that, both the late Datuk Dr James Ongkili & Mr Chang who lived in this house suffered from a stroke. Some say that this incident is just a mere coincidence, the other believe that both of them were disturbed by other beings in the surroundings. It is only after Mr Chang suffered a stroke that he decided to move out of the mansion, leaving it abandoned since 2004. The main reason behind moving out remains unknown.

Fast forward to 2020, this mansion is still standing tall but covered in graffiti, trash & nature. Many people visit this place regularly to take photos & videos or even visit the place just for a quick rush. It is almost as if that this place has turned into a place of attraction. Although abandoned, we do not advise anybody to visit this place as it is still considered as private property. Such visitations would mean that you are trespassing private property & could get yourself into a lot of trouble.

Anyway, that is our story for this Abandoned Mansion. We hope that you came here and got what you are looking for. If you have any further information that you would like to contribute to this article, please send us an e-mail.

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