5 Healthy Shops to Eat At When You are on Diet

Over the past years, there had been a change in the “ideal” body of a woman. All thanks to the Kardashian family. Big booty and thick thighs start becoming a trend and everyone is going to the gym and doing as many squats as they can to achieve the dream body. The turnout of this trend is more and more people are going to the gym and are more health conscious thus developing healthy eating habits instead of believing that diet is equals to eat less. These are some shops that serve healthy and delicious food.



I will start with my favourite shop out of the whole bunch, Chimichurri in JayaOne. All the shops have similar concept which is, you choose your bowl size or type (bowl, wraps or breads), your base, your protein, your mix and your sauces. I believe Chimichurri is the cheapest option compared to the others but that does not mean it taste bad, instead it is as good as the other options. If you want to get the best out of your money, get the bowl and choose whether you want to go vegetarian or get something like chicken or fish.

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Chai Bar

I believe Chai Bar is a popular brand as it had been in the industry for quite some time now. Chai Bar is similar to Chimichurri and don’t be fooled by their name hahaha they do not serve acai bowl! Here is a picture of acai bowl for those who don’t know.

For those who think that salad is just a bowl of greens, check out chai bar! You will be impress with the options that they have! Sadly they are close permanently now! I wish they are still open.

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Salad Atelier

Salad Atelier is the first salad bar in Malaysia! They opened their doors as early as 2014 and now they have 6 different branches to serve everyone! I have yet have the opportunity to try their salad but I really should because their salads look amazing and they also have rice bowl now. So that sort of make it poke bowl right? Hmm

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Simply Green

Yet another famous brand for salad bar, Simply Green. They have five different branches in KL and they even have online order! You can choose to get a premade bowl or you can make your own salad with variety of options to choose from! (even the sauce options are a lot!)

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Poke Bowl

Poke bowl had been quite popular recently. I think there is around 4 different poke bowl shops now? Last time I remember there was only The Fish Bowl and then Paperfish open…and the rest are history… If you don’t know, poke bowl is a dish originated from Hawaii and it is a very popular dish there. I have tried a few poke bowl and I have to say that for a healthy dish it taste amazing. Plus it is very fulfilling!

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That are some of the options you can get! You have no excuse to say oh I don’t have time to eat healthy, go these places and get your greens along with some proteins.                                                                                   

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