5 must try noodle dishes to eat at KK

1. Sang Yuk Men

sang yuk men kk sabah malaysia

Tawau, is where the famous Sang Nyuk Mee originated. It is a delicacy that everyone that visits KK must try. It is a dish served with a mixture/combination of pork meat with a side of noodles. You can choose to have it with dry mee(kon lou) or noodles served inside the bowl of soup. For both soup and kon lou, you have the option to choose between 3 different types of common noodles which is the mee hoon, mee or kuey teow. There are a few places where you can try this dish.

1. Sinsuran sang yuk men (Sinsuran)
2. Jia Xiang Sang Yuk Men (Lintas)
3. Jing xa Sang Yuk Men (Lintas)


2. Sarawak Mee

sarawak mee sabah kk

Sarawak mee which is actually "Mee Kolo" that originates from Sabah's neighbouring state, Sarawak, has managed to become quite popular towards the locals in KK city. The only place that we can recommend you to try this delicacy is over at Kedai Kopi KAI SHUN. Search on google maps for directions.
3. FATT KEE fish noodle.
Fatt kee fish noodle soup sabah kk

Fatt Kee, a coffee shop located in Hilltop Commercial area that makes some of the best seafood noodles. A shop that is well known for their popular mixed fish noodle, fish head mee hoon, and tom yam noodle. Like most Chinese way of serving noodle, one can order the noodle in soup or "kon lao" which is dry. You can also choose to have it in either mee hon, mee or kuey teow.

4. Tuaran Mee

Tuaran mee noodles sabah kk

Tuaran Mee is a local delicacy originated from Tuaran town. A small town located up south of KK city. It is a dish served with yellow noodles, usually topped with char sao, saw nyuk, sliced fried scramble eggs. Although it is from Tuaran, it is a dish that has become so popular that most restaurants all over KK city have included it in their menu. But only some restaurants have mastered the art of cooking the best Tuaran Mee. Here are a few places where you can have good quality Tuaran Mee

1. Kedai Kopi Kim Fah (City mall, Centre Point)
2. Kedai Kopi HONG SHU (Opposite of All Saints Secondary School)

5. Beaufort mee

beaufort mee sabah kk

The Beaufort Mee is a highly popular delicacy amongst all Sabahan. It is a dish that comes from a small town down south of Sabah, Beaufort town and eventually made its way across the whole state. 

A dish that is served with choy sum, sang yuk & thick sauce on top of yellow spring noodle. 

Here are a few recommended places that you could visit to try it out for yourself!

1. NEW KK BEAUFORT (hilltop)
2. Yu Hing (hilltop)

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