5 New Drinks You Need to Try!

Sick of the same old bubble tea or better known as milk tea from brands such as Chatime, Tealive, Gongcha and more? Want to try something else and who knows maybe you will find a new favourite of yours? Over the recent years, there had a lot of new brands of milk tea from various countries that opened their door in Malaysia, especially in KL. There are also a few brands that are proudly from Malaysia yet it is as good as the big name brands. Here are some brands that you should try if you have the chance!


Regiustea is a globally famous brand that has branches all over the world. It first opened its door in Malaysia in 2017 and shock the country with their cheese tea drinks, now there have been more and more brands coming out with their very own cheese tea but do not forget that Regiustea is the first! Regiustea originated from Hong Kong and they have more than 14 outlets in Malaysia now. Drop by at their outlet and try their cheese tea!

The Alley Kuala Lumpur

The drink that had taken over Instagram at one point, no joke. Their signature picture is a cup of milk tea with pearls that looks so good and a deer logo on the cup. They also have various other flavours such as matcha that looks really good and taste amazing as well! They are opening more and more branches in Malaysia so keep your eyes open and head to the nearest branch to you to get a cup for you!

Each A Cup

Each A Cup is a well love brand by the Malaysians. You can choose from Taiwan Classic Bubble Tea / Milk Tea, Pingo Series, Taiwan Heavenly Kings, Taiwan Heavenly Queens, Flower Teas Series, Premium Ice Blended, Premium Coffee Frappe Series, Premium Chocolate Ice Blended series.



Snowflake is well-known for their sweet and amazing dessert but did you know that they also serve some amazing sweet drinks? Well if you do not know, now you know! For the sweet tooth people, Snowflake is the perfect place to visit because you can get everything sweet in one place!

The Bubble Tea Shop

Originated from Taiwan (the well-known city of bubble tea) you surely expect them to serve a good bubble tea right! Plus the name itself already giving it a high expectation. Their menu range from Bubble Tea, Iced Tea Fusions and Loose Leaf Cold Tea Blend so you can never be out of choices if you are ordering from them!

Those are some brands that you should totally try if you have the chance! Let us know how does it taste if you tried it before!

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