Amazing Cafe to Visit In Melaka for The Long Weekends in 2018

2018 is full with long weekends and as Malaysian, there is one thing we do best! We utilize these public holidays to become an even long holiday for us. For example, Thaipusam falls on the 31st January this year and another holiday the day after that! That is a holiday right in the middle of the week! Take a day off on Friday and you have a five days holiday in your belt just by applying for one holiday. I believe most Malaysian love to go on road trips during these holidays and one of the famous place to go is Melaka for its abundance of food and cafes to visit on top of all the historic places you can go to. Here are some cafes that I love to go every time I am at Melaka! Especially if I am visiting Jonker Walk.


Daily Fix Café

Daily Fix Café is no doubt one of the café that is well known among Malaysian and foreigners that often travel to Melaka because of the good coffee and a huge selection of good food from savoury to desserts. Here are some of their signature dishes, Carbonara Pasta, Chicken Wrap and Salted Egg Yolk Pancake.

The interior is amazing as they use different type of furniture to become their tables and chairs. For example, one of the tables was an old sewing machine! They also have the famous plate wall display that can be seen everywhere on Instagram if you check their location tags!

Just fyi, Daily Fix Café is located inside of a souvenir shops but they do have a sign outside! Just walk in and be prepare to be amaze.


Backlane Coffee

Another café that is worth a visit if you are visiting Melaka is Backlane Coffee. If Daily Fix has good food, Backlane Coffee is good for its coffee! (and they even have plenty of desserts to go with your coffee)

They have a wide selection of good coffee and tea in their café. Most foreigners come here to get a good fix of their caffeine needs! Here are some of the best sellers from Backlane Coffee, Café Latte, Mr. Owl Iced Latte and Oriental Eve.

Backlane Coffee also located inside of a shop. You can shop for clothes before stepping into the café. As the name say, Backlane Coffee has two different entrance doors and one of the entrance is located in Jonker Street back street, thus making it backlane lol creative I guess.


Those are two of my favourite cafés to visit located right at Jonker Street! Do not forget to try various other dishes that are special in Melaka like their amazing gula Melaka cendol, Baba Nyonya food and so much more food that are making me hungry as I type and imagine it.  If you want to visit Jonker Street for its night market, come on weekends as it is only open on weekends but nevertheless, Jonker Street has plenty of shops even on weekdays! Enjoy your long weekend!

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