Chicken Clinic: new concepts for fun and tasty dining!

The name may sound strange to you by the first impression but that will all change after they serve you the best chicken you can find at KK’s new and hip hangout turf, Plaza333. Just look for a sign that literally has a chicken on it and you’ll know where to go to satisfy your hungry cravings. Situated right next to Kak Kiah Cake House is a restaurant you’ll grow familiar with, Chicken Clinic! Now, let's not judge a book by its name because it might actually intrigue you.

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You might have guessed that this Korean restaurant is themed with clinical features, and you’re right! You might not see it once you enter its humble doors but it will teach you a fun way to dine. Ever thought eating fries flaked with cheese powder with chili sauce from a gigantic syringe? Or even having a silver tray for a plate? How about using forceps to pick up your food? Really, all that was missing was scalpels for knives, but hey, I’m not the one with the brightest ideas.

The healthcare touch to their restaurant certainly brought some significance into their brand. But if you ask me, having their delicious and juicy bits of chicken served in spicy sauce was memorable enough to hold Chicken Clinic as one of my favorites.

Here are some photos to feast your eyes and probably convince you, even more, to check them out! 

Oh my, doesn't that look dangerously tasty?! Some of their in-house favorites are the spicy chicken that goes up to 4 levels of chilli! Are you up for the challenge?


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Are you a fan of K-Pop, or Korean culture? Chicken Clinic has hanboks for you to play dress up!



I think KK has come a long way with culinary art that isn’t limited to how a dish looks on a plate, Chicken Clinic has rather brought new and fun concepts to town. Now, playing with your food doesn’t sound so bad anymore. What’s next in store for us?

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