Damn Good Burger: Damn. Good. Burgers.


(picture source: carrybeans.com)

The word sloppy often comes in the body of a careless, clumsy fool who tosses and turns over the spills of innocent mistakes. Woah, sounds a little too intense there - let’s brighten up a notch. Sometimes sloppy is good. And on my account, there is the art of sloppiness in our everyday lives, which more often than not, is overlooked by being ‘polite’ and having ‘manners’, especially at the dining table.


Don’t speak while you’re chewing, don’t drop one drop of sauce or you’ll stain the tablecloth… It’s all some ground rules we need to follow for an in-order household, but there’s a special place to let our hair loose. And that calls for burgers!


“Damn Good Burgers” may sound like an all-too confident marketing strategy… that actually works. People are asking, “are their burgers really good?” and will just have to give it a try. I, for one, have fallen into that very delicious trap that means a lot more to my experience in the smothering of bun, patty and sauce, than the slightest thought of a “marketing benefit”.


Truth is, it does get pretty sloppy. But in sloppy burgers, we trust. I mean there’s a patty in there dying to be eaten, who cares about table manners anymore?





To be honest it gets pretty scary by the mention of Apocalypto. But really, how will one ever fit that humungous burger into a dinner meal? The size of that burger reads level after level of calories. However, it is pretty fun to dig into the challenge and share its majesty on a table with some hungry friends.


I would like to point out, though, Damn Good Burgers is a very noisy restaurant. Very noisy to the point that my friends and I had to go somewhere else for a good chat. All I could hear was the workers calling out orders to the kitchen, and the kitchen sizzling up some yummy patties. But looking at a different angle, you would learn to appreciate the noise. Maybe the booming chaos is just burger shop aesthetic.


So lessons learned: Maybe Damn Good Burgers isn’t the place for a wholesome catch-up get together with your high school friends. But in the name of culinary goodness, living up to its name and the great challenges that beholds its patty, it is a damn good place for some damn good burgers. Feel challenged yet?

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