Domino is Finally Open in Sabah!

The one fast-food chain that Sabahans had been waiting forever is finally opening their door to welcome their beloved fans in Sabah. Their first store in Sabah is located in T1 Bundusan, just opposite the famous Bundusan area.

Domino is well-known for their amazing choices of pizza. They have a variety of choices to choose from on their menu. You can choose from normal flavours such as Ultimate Hawaiian, Chicken or Beef Pepperoni and Aloha Chicken, if you do not like pineapples on your pizza, you should not choose this. They even have local flavours such as Spicy Sambal if you want your pizza to be in the spicy side.

You can even have seafood on your pizza with a variety of flavours. Sambal, cheese and pesto, no problem! For vegetarians that feels like having good pizza, no worries. Domino has 4 vegetarian choices for you.

Cannot decide what to get? You can half-half the flavours with your friends so you can enjoy and try out everything on their menu. For an even better pizza experience, you can add-on cheddar cheese tarik or mozzarella cheese tarik in your crust! Yes, no jokes!

You can also enjoy a variety of side dishes from Domino’s such as Chocolate Lava Cake, Crazy Chicken Crunchies, Garlic Cheese Onion Rings (you need their cheese sauce with it!), Roasted Chicken Drummettes and more delicious side dishes that will make your mouth water just thinking about it.

Well, if you are reading and salivating just thinking about these. Wait no longer, you can now enjoy Domino in T1 Bundusan starting from 17th September 2018. Another great thing about Domino is they have amazing coupons that give you the opportunity to save more money. Usually, on Tuesday they will have a promotion on their personal pizza, who knows maybe they will have the same promotion in Sabah.

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