Easy One Pot Recipe for The Lazy Cook

Are you tired of cooking yet? I know I am. The past few days one pot recipe has been my go-to meal to cook as it is easy and I don't need to do as much washing and cleaning up after cooking. It is also extremely easy to make as most of the time it is just chop chop chop dump dump dump stir and wait until it cooks. 


Soup is the easiest meal you can make in your home and honestly, it is also the hardest meal for you to ruin if you are a new cook. Why is it the easiest? Because you basically just chop everything that you want and dump it in the soup. Seriously, no joke.

Although the most common and easiest soup comes with these ingredients: chicken, carrot, corn and salt. You can always spice it up by adding big onions or maybe even potatoes. 

If you are thinking well okay yeah it is easy but I still need my carbs!! Make mihun (rice vermicelli) soup! To make your life easier, try to get rice vermicelli noodles that are packed like Maggi mee so you can easily drop your rice vermicelli noodles in the soup without making a big mess. 

Now you have a full complete meal in one pot that you can enjoy for your lunch and dinner (Just make extra soup and boil it again before dropping another packet of rice vermicelli noodle)


Believe it or not, you can actually make pasta with only one pot. It is already an easy meal to cook but now it is even easier. It is similar to making a rice vermicelli noodles soup but now you are changing rice vermicelli noodles to pasta of your choice.

Just dump some onion, garlic, tomatoes, chicken broth (or you can add water with chicken first and wait for a few minutes then put your onions, garlic and tomatoes) then drop your uncooked pasta (I prefer spaghetti!) in the pot and leave it to cook. If you want something extra, you can always add some tomato sauce or tomatoes chunks for more flavor a few minutes before serving it! I have also seen some people using canned sardine to replace chicken, maybe you can try to use canned sardine if you are too lazy to wait for the chicken to cook.


Another easy one pot dish is to cook your rice in a rice cooker and put whatever you want to eat with your rice inside the rice cooker to cook. My favourite is to put chicken(with the skin on! Breast meat usually ends up too dry) with some garlic and seasonings. 

If you are feeling extra, you can always elevate your rice by frying your chicken, onions and carrots first to make the oil taste all yummy and then put uncooked rice in the pan (make sure it is deep enough to fit everything) and pour some chicken stock or plain water in the pan. Make sure to put your chicken on top of the rice so all the goodness can fall on the rice while it is cooking. After that, you can season the rice however you like before serving it.

If you are extra lazy, an amazing one pot dish is our favourite Maggi mee. It is fool proof and only takes you a few minutes to cook before you can enjoy it. 

P.s. I'm not a great cook, but I am a lazy cook.

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