The trending Froyo that has been on pretty much everyone’s Instagram stories is finally making its debut in Kota Kinabalu! Finally, you won’t have to envy those who got to indulge in the famous Korean frozen yogurt.


(picture source: foodadvisor.com)

Llao Llao will be opening in Suria Sabah Shopping Mall! We don’t have a confirmed date yet but word has been going around that the shop is already in its set up process.


Since Tutti Fruiti ‘disappeared’ from Kota Kinabalu, froyo fans missed the deliciousness of yogurt ice cream and its magical wonders of creative flavors and colorful sprinkles. Now that Llao Llao is bringing an uprising of the froyo trend, you should know that it isn’t just another brand of yogurt ice cream. So what’s so good about Llao Llao?


  1. It is a healthy delicious treat

Llao Llao is considered a healthy alternative to your favorite McFlurry or Sundae cone, that tastes just as good! Although some might consider it merely as clever marketing, we can't ignore the high nutritional value in this low-calorie ice cream!


  1. Everyone loves discounts.

We just love seeing prices go down, don’t we? Llao Llao is always offering generous discounts for its Froyo fans, so that’s good news for you to cool down from that hot weather, without needing to consider shedding your wallet!


  1. Llao Llao’s creative range of flavors

If you think the Froyo trend is just about that plain yogurt, think again - Llao Llao now offers 5 crunch toppings, 11 fruit toppings and 6 sauces and I don’t think they’re just stopping at that! Imagine just how crazy you get to be with the flavors!


Keep your eyes peeled and don’t miss out on this Froyo deliciousness! Something tells me they might have interesting promotions on opening day ;)

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