Plaza 333: KK’s newest all-in-one hot spot!


The city of Kota Kinabalu continues to grow wider with new developments at the outskirt of town, and also grander with more malls, convention centers, and skyscraping condominiums. However, it isn’t all that great with congested traffic especially with new flyover developments coming up.

The brighter side, though, is the booming nightlife of Plaza 333 along Jalan Pintas! And I’m not just talking about the pubs and cool hangout spots. You’d find it pretty convenient when your mother calls you up to buy eggs in the middle of your night out with friends - there’s Pick n Pay and 99 Speedmart just within the area!


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Plaza 333 looks pretty lit on its own (literally, lights everywhere) and it appears to be very happening and vibrant especially at night! It’s no wonder everyone just loves to go here - you can assume how hard it is to get a parking spot, almost every night cars are seen parked right beside the highway. Well while it’s a really busy area, everyone’s happy with the wide variety of stores!


Need a tea or coffee break over catch-up sessions with your friends?

The 1985

Weekend like this... ❤️ #the1985coffee #enjoycoffee #enjoypizza

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And why not just proceed with dinner as well?



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Chicken Clinic

Aki Sushi

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And dessert?

Kak Kiah Cake House


The list doesn't stop there - Oops! You just ran out of bath soap, so why not drop by Watsons? It's just beside Kak Kiah Cake House. 


Phone problems?

Digi Center

Maxis Store


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And the list goes on… You’d be surprised just how many stores are open at Plaza333! They provide a wide variety as well, there’s printing stores, party supply shops, a gym, bars, you name it! A true all-in-one gem close to home (for Penampang and Kepayan folks, though!) and it’s not too far from the city either. You won't even need to drive all the way to KK anymore, everything’s just a few-minute drive away!

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