Top 5 Noodle Dishes In Sabah That You Need to Try

Sabah is undeniable one of the place you need to go to sample some amazing food. Or at least try to find these dishes in KL if you cannot go to Sabah!  One of the most popular dishes in Sabah is their noodles! Honestly, I believe most people if they think of a special Sabah or Borneo dish, they will quickly think of butod right? Well, actually Sabahan loves their noodles more than butod because noodles are our must have dish every day! (while we have butod like maybe once or twice in our lifetime lol) Here are some of the locals favourite noodle dishes that you must try if you are visiting Sabah! Actually.. Here are some of my favourite noodle dishes that you must try if you are visiting Sabah!


Tuaran Mee

This is a must have in Sabah. This is a dish that is well loved by all the Sabahan as it is a classic dish that had been around for a long time and it had been love by many since then! (Pssh, those Sabahan in KL, I know this shop in SS3 that is selling awesome Tuaran Mee! With a whole lot of pork!)

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Ngiu Chap

Another favourite is ngiu chap which is beef noodle! You might think eh, beef noodle is so common la in Malaysia but there is just something special with this beef noodle? I’m not even sure what woops but this is a dish that I must have every time I am back in Sabah and a dish that I will recommend to everyone that is visiting Sabah.

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Mee Goreng Basah

One of my favourite dish! Mee goreng basah seafood! It’s basically wet noodles with seafood if translated directly. I am not sure if Mee Beaufort is the same but it does look similar. Not only that, I had to do a loooot of digging in Instagram to find some pictures, is it not as popular as I think it is? For Sabahan in KL that is looking for this? Don’t worry, you can find a shop in SS3 selling this dish as well!

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Kon lao Mee

If Sarawak has kolo mee, Sabah have kon lao mee. It’s quite similar if you look at in one glance but the taste is very different! You certainly have to try both to know the differences.

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Fish Soup Noodle

Ok ok I know this can be found in most places now but as a Sabahan, I would say… Sabahan loves this dish so much. Plus what’s wrong with trying fish soup noodles in Sabah? They did say we are famous because of fresh and cheap seafood!

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Alright, that are the top five noodles dishes that you should try in Sabah! These noodles certainly hold a special place in Sabahan’s hearts and most Sabahans in Semenanjung miss these dishes! Oh right! Remember the Mee Tuaran and Mee Goreng Basah shop in SS3? Here is the name and address for you! Restaurant Ah Soon Kor: No.42 Jalan SS3/31, Taman Universiti, Petaling Jaya.


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