Top 5 Things You Need to Tapau to KL!

Leaving your hometown is not an easy thing to do, especially when you are from Borneo. There are a lot of things that you don't appreciate enough when you are at home but when you left, you can feel the hole they made. I'm not talking about your parents nagging ah! When you are in KL or any part across the wide ocean or anywhere else in the world, there are a few things that will be miss and will be hard to hunt down there. I mean you can certainly get it delivered to you but it's never the same! Here are the five things you need to bring!

1. Food!

Our bambangan, tuhau, bosou and more! If you can tapau then tapau! You will miss the taste of home when you are far from home and all these fermented food is the best cure for homesickness. Especially when you are sick and you want some comfort food... It's not chicken soup or porridge, these are the one you will be looking for.

2. Kicap Cap Ayam

If you don't know, Kicap Cap Ayam is only sold in Sabah! Believe it or not it's rare to find it in Semenanjung except when you are visiting Pasar Borneo or Borneo festival. Other than that, you will need to buy a different kicap. I'm sure not everyone enjoys this brand but I know a huge number of people that actually tapau the kicap! 

3. Your Baju Kadazan

If you are a Kadazan, then make sure to pack your baju kadazan! This might seems like it will just take up space in your luggage but there are times when you will need to pull out your baju kadazan to showcase it to your friends in Semenanjung. I can't count the number of time I wish I had brought my baju kadazan with me when I was in Semenanjung!

4. Kuih

Another food item! I mean, we are Sabahan and we sure do love our food! Pack some kuih cincin, amplang,kuih jala and more. If you are feeling extra nice, you can pick some up to share it with your friends. They will surely love it! 

5. Kopi Tenom

If you are a coffee lover, you will surely know that kopi tenom have their distinct taste that you will miss when you are in Semenanjung. I'm not a coffee lover but I know a lot of people that enjoy their kopi tenom and cannot live without it even in Semenanjung. Not only that, you should totally introduce kopi tenom to your friends in Semenanjung!


These are the top 5 things you should totally bring if you are going to Semenanjung, whether it is to further your study or you found a work opportunity there, a little something from home will make everything better! You can also tapau some Sabah brand like the famous Nayan watch, you can read more here or a Tiptopbandit shirt for your to rock there!

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