Wendy's in Sabah?? What's next?!!

Who remember the time they had to drive to the airport… Not because they are picking up someone…But because they are picking up their McDonald burgers and fries! Do not lie ah, I know some of you do this quite often. Truthfully, I know this because I did the same thing last time! But now there is another for you to drop by KKIA… it is because Wendy's is finally open in Sabah and they are at KKIA! Since Wendy's is open.. Here is a list of the 5 business that need to open their doors Sabah already! (Seriously though, can someone open these franchises here? For sure can gain profit one.)



Ah the one and only Subway. I know that we have a few to-go sandwich shops in Sabah now, for example Pick and Pay and the most recent one that started gaining popularity in Bundusan, Comi Comi Hamburger Sandwich. Maybe Subway should open their door in KKIA as well.. Then KKIA will be pack with the hungry people instead of the travellers.



We seriously need better pizza than Pizza Hut. I am sure some people love it but once you tasted Dominos, there is no going back.. Okay maybe it is not that bad la, you can always get Twenty2 Crust if you need some good pizza! But still it will be amazing if Domino is finally open in Sabah, I did hear a rumour last month saying Domino opening in Sabah soon. True or not? If yes then I will be jumping in joy!


Texas Chicken

Another crowd favourite is Texas Chicken! I feel like Texas Chicken is a bit underrated by most people but it is actually good and delicious. They also have honey butter biscuits that is really really, amazingly nice and I am salivating just thinking about it. Another plus point for Texas Chicken is their drinks are refillable, so you can just sit there for hours and refill your drinks again and again.


Carls Jr

I promise this is the last fast food shop in this list. For real. I believe this is yet another crowd’s favourite because of the variety of burger they carry and the good mix of flavour. For me it reminds me of Burger King more than McDonald, what do you think? Nothing is wrong with another burger chain in Sabah right?


Auntie Anne’s

Last one is Auntie Anne’s! I am personally a big fan of Auntie Anne’s pretzel especially their sour cream & onions. I know there are a lot of shops and food stalls offering pretzels nowadays but Auntie Anne’s pretzel is so nice la. You can even get the plain one with the dipping sauce if you want to try the original flavour.


Well because these shops have not open their doors in Sabah yet, you should make it a point to drop by and taste it when you are in KL or Semenanjung. Do not blame me if you are addicted to it and wants them to open in Sabah as well. Join the team! Looking back at this list.. Maybe I like fast food a little too much.

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