What's Gen Z? Generation Z? Or Yummy Drinks?

Malaysia sure do love their sweets, this can be proved by the number of sweet drinks and dessert we have in Malaysia. Cue to Milo Dinosaur and also various desserts shop that not only looks sweet for Instagram pictures but also taste extremely sweet as it is loaded with sugar. One of Malaysian’s favourite sweets is milk tea, be it teh ais from the mamak or teh c special. Or from various milk tea chain spreads around Malaysia such as Chatime, Tealive, Gongcha and more.

Well in Sabah they take it even further as they not only have Tealive and Gongcha, they also have various small chains such as Yoyo, Cool Blog, D’Waffle and more that are selling milk tea everywhere! Believe it or not, you can get milk tea anywhere in Sabah and it does come cheap (but it sure doesn’t taste as good). Recently, I saw a few Instagram posts regarding this new milk tea store in Lintas. You guessed it! It’s Gen Z.

If you’ve been a milk tea or any sweet looking drink with a bear logo on the cup then it’s Gen.Z! What’s so special about their tea? Supposedly, they insisted on using our very own Sabah local tea as their tea base instead of using different tea! The bear on their cup is also to represent the local protected “Sun Bear.”

Today, 26th August 2018 will be their grand opening at Lintas. They start their operation from 11am until 10pm daily. You can find their store next to 7Eleven. The first 100 visitor will receive their signature milk tea for free! (One person per cup ya!) They are also having 20% off promotion for all the drinks in their menu.

I would totally recommend you to drop by their store today or whenever just to try their drinks because from what I heard, it is as good as Taiwan Milk Tea! Not only that, they will surely looks good on your Instagram feed even though let’s be real, the taste is much more important! If I still haven’t convince you, I hope these pictures will! (and today’s 20% discount)

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