You Can Get Cow Poo Tart In Kuala Lumpur???

I am guessing some people who open this is wondering why would you want cow poo (cough cough or s***) while the others are giggling because they know what is it about. Well another famous name for this tart is UFO Tart! Hah, I got you there! UFO tart is a well-known dessert from Sandakan, Sabah and it is a special Sandakan dessert, once upon a time ago. Now you can get UFO tarts around KK if I am not mistaken but hey, I still think the one in Sandakan taste better!

Truthfully, I do think that cow poo (eh I’m trying to not use the s word ah so don’t laugh or cringe while reading this) suits the tart better la. Even though it is not the most appetizing name but let’s be real, that is the first thing you thought of when you see UFO tarts right?

For those that do not know how a UFO tart looks like, here are some pictures for you!

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Believe me or not now?? Or you never see how cow poo is so you cannot tell if it looks similar? Ok ok I will stop with the comparison.

Going back to the original intention of this article.. It is a well love dessert in Sabah and I am sure there are Sabahan’s out there in KL that really miss their UFO tarts right? You are in luck, believe it or not, you can get UFO tarts in KL and it is as good as the one in Sabah! (It also comes in three different flavours but I will get to that in a bit ok?)

Are you familiar with Charlie’s Café? It became viral about a year or two ago (I think it was somewhere in 2016) because of their pay it forward system that allows the customers to pay a meal for the needy by paying RM5/minimum and pin the receipt on their pay it forward wall and those in need can use the receipt as a meal voucher.

Besides that, a lot of Sabahan love to visit Charlie’s Café because of their amazing desserts choices, which include UFO tarts and plenty choices of cakes. They are also well-known among the durian lovers because of their D24 soft serve ice cream! It is so good, especially in this Malaysia weather.
They also have Laksa Sarawak for those that love spicy food and amazing yet affordable lamb chop and chicken chop selection!
 As I am writing this, I saw that they just posted that they have Bambangan Platter which consist of bambangan, fried chicken with fried egg and homemade sambal which looks amazing!


Follow them on their Instagram page! They have special menu every once in a while and you do not want to miss it! Especially when they served Cempedak gelato and Nangka Madu gelato. I was so sad that I missed that!

Sabahan is KL, what are you waiting for? Go to Charlie’s Café at Taman Bukit Desa 5, KL nearby Midvalley area. When you are there, rasa macam di Sabah! Who knows you will meet you cousins or friends from Sabah there right?


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