Youtube Channels You Shouldn’t Watch When You’re Hungry

Remember the days when you sit in front of the television and browse through various channels trying to find something to watch because you have nothing better to do? And then you probably stop at some random drama or variety shows just to entertain your brain. You probably stop at some random cooking show as well, it could be a home cooking show or cooking challenges or a show that brings you around trying different food everywhere.

Now, most people don’t spend as much time in front of their television as compared to before. I believe some people even decided to cancel their Astro subscription because they do not watch television as much anymore. There are multiple reasons for the changes that are happening, one of it is because now we have our smartphone and Youtube seems like a better option because you get to choose what you want to watch at any time. (Plus there are less advertisement compared to television)

Youtube videos range from A to Z. Almost everything that you can ask for will be on Youtube. One of my favourite thing to watch in Youtube is to watch people eat, eat and eat because I would love to explore and try a variety of food like what they’re doing but I can’t so I watch them live the dream.

Here are some of my favourite Youtubers that you should check out. And you shouldn’t watch their videos when you are hungry.. Or in the middle of the night because it will make you dig in your refrigerator wondering if you have something to munch on.


1. StrictlyDumpling / MikeyChen

2. TheFoodRanger

3. MissMina / SweetandtastyTV

4. MarkWiens

5. StephanieSoo

That is my top 5 Youtube channels to watch when I am bored or just looking for something to watch while I am munching my food. I have learned from plenty of experience to not watch these channels when you do not have any food ready so make sure you have some kind of food ready when you are watching them!

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