Grab not available?? Here are some other options for you!

Recently this year, Grab has taken over Uber operation in South East Asia (SEA) which means that Grab has now monopolized the whole ride-hailing competition. Now that Grab’s biggest competitor has joined hand with them and form a bigger ride-hailing corporation in SEA, we can see that price had been changing here and there and sometimes it is really hard to get a booking. I remember I had to try 5x before I finally have a successful booking even though Grab apps shows that there are more than 5 drivers around.

This experience made me decided to check out other small ride-hailing companies. Yes, there are actually quite a number of other players in the industry besides Grab. Here are some of them.

1. MyCar

MyCar works just like Uber and Grab. They have a variety of cars to choose from and easy user interface. MyCar went live early this year and they are slowly growing there are more and more people seeking for a different alternative.

For now MyCar only offers cash payment, hopefully, they will introduce card payment sometime soon so it will be easier to ride with them!

2. Riding Pink

Riding Pink has been in the ride-hailing industry for about a year plus now. What's amazing about Riding Pink is, all the drivers and customers are only female. This is to ensure the female drivers and riders safety while using the service. We have heard more than enough cases about ride-hailing apps that had gone wrong. 

Yes, it is a very niche market as they are only targeting female drivers and riders but as a female rider myself, I am very thankful for their service. For now, each booking will need to be made through their website as they haven't launched their apps just yet.

3. JomRides

JomRides website honestly looks like Uber in one glance. They have app for Android and IOS. What's interesting for JomRides is on their website they have customers(riders), drivers, admin, dispatchers and partners benefits. Makes me wonder if there's more to it.


I believe MULA is a ride-hailing service that is own by MBI Group in 2017. They first started in Penang and now in Klang Valley as well. Out of all the alternative, it seems like MULA is giving out the most promotion code so if you want to try it, you should check their Facebook page and get a promo code to save some money!

Well, it seems like we are not short of options even though Uber is not with us anymore. I'm sure slowly but surely the other service provider will improve and will be able to compete with Grab in terms of performance and price. Let's all support these alternatives so we can have better ride-hailing service in the future!


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