It Is Time For a Long Holiday!

Do you need a quick getaway from your work life? You'll enjoy a few public holiday here and there in August, on 22nd or 23rd it is the Hari Raya Haji holiday. So you will have a break in the middle of the week as it will fall on Wednesday or Thursday, you can apply for a day or two holidays and save yourself from work for the whole week! 

In the last week of August, we will be celebrating Hari Kebangsaan or better known as Hari Merdeka. It is our country 61st Hari Kebangsaan and we are also celebrating the first Hari Kebangsaan with a different government! To add to that, we get a holiday on the 31st! That falls on Friday which means we will enjoy a good long weekend for the week. 

Think that's it? The month of September will only bring more holiday for all of us. We will be celebrating The Yang di-Pertuan Agong birthday which means...another holiday! But this time it falls on Saturday and Sunday, if your company replaces the public holiday to Friday and Monday then you're extremely lucky! Because on 11th and 12th September, there's another holiday! Awal Muharram falls on Tuesday and Wednesday of the week, if you are the lucky one then you already have 6 days holiday without even applying for any leave! If you are not that lucky then you can apply for a leave and get 4 days of public holidays. think we are done? Did you know you can make it a whole week worth of holiday? Malaysia day falls on 16th September which is only 3 days away from 12th September. If you are the lucky one again, your company may replace public holiday to Friday or Monday as it falls on Sunday of the week. If they are replacing it on Friday then you can apply for leave on Thursday and enjoy the whole week off! If they're replacing it on Monday then why not apply for two days leave and enjoy an extra day off the following week. 

It's crazy how many public holidays lined up in just a few weeks! I'm sure the clever one had been waiting for these moments (because let's admit it, Malaysia tend to have these long extended holidays almost every year) and had been planning for a trip somewhere since forever! Here a short overview of the whole holiday!

(cr: Cuti.My)

Anyhow, enjoy the upcoming long holiday! Because after a few weeks full with the public holiday, we won't be getting any public holiday any time soon! Make this holiday worth it!

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