Must-Have Apps for the Instagram Junkie


Instagram was like a mega bomb that strike the 21st century as it took an enormous toll on our fast-paced and digital lives. It’s sort of surreal to actually call our lives “digital” because, in reality, it is: We measure ourselves to how we’re presented on social media, our friendships and relationships depend on our updates… Just anything from work to play is related to social media. And at the top of that food chain is Instagram.

You find yourself scrolling like there’s no tomorrow, blindly liking random posts of your friend’s friend’s grandmother’s sister, or rather a complete stranger who seems to be ‘livin it’. But nowadays, Instagram isn’t just about keeping up with each other. At times, Instagram is used for business or just anyone dreaming to make a strong platform. And in order to do that, you will need to give a good impression.

In fact, it’s not just about making connections- sometimes all you want is a nice looking and organized profile that’s easy to the eye, for aesthetic sake. Here’s a list of must-have apps for the Instagram junkie.


  1. VSCO Cam


While Instagram itself has a lot of photo filters and editing tools, sometimes VSCO Cam is a third party app that comes in handy. There are VSCO Presets that look neat and clean, perfect for the minimalist look you might be going for - But there are also vibrant and wild ones to really project the adventurer in you. VSCO has a preset package called VSCO that includes all presets and even ones that can amp up your videos editing. However, it comes with a price. It all depends on just how serious you are with your photography. But fret not, the free ones are just as visually pleasing too.


  1. Snapseed


If you’re a perfectionist, this photo editing app is perfect for you. You get to tune colors, correct proportions and go all neat freak on the littlest details to make your pictures look perfect. Snapseed goes into details to crack every code there is to achieve the highest aesthetic, all in the while doubling the quality of your Instagram profile look.


  1. UNUM


This is what you need to get to the next level of aesthetic on Instagram. If you’re looking to create a huge statement for yourself or your brand, the arrangement of your feed matters- and this is where UNUM comes in handy. You will get to plan your feed beforehand by organizing your photos into grids to create a presentable look for your profile.


  1. Prime for Instagram


Now that you have all the essentials to achieve the visual presentation you’re aiming for, it may be vital to note that timing is everything. If you’re a brand looking for an audience, Prime is a perfect app that suggests optimal times for users to post to Instagram. It calculates hundreds of thousands of data to determine the best time to reach the most possible audience members.

These apps don’t just help you achieve a good profile, it also helps in efficiency as it helps your business or your social media platform grow in ways that you wish. Even if you’re just a regular user, these apps are easy to explore through its unique tools. The best trick is to just have fun with it.

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