Not Home For Delivery? Use These Services!

Online shopping has become a norm in our society. More and more people are buying things online everyday. You can buy clothes, order food, buy grocery, buy furniture and even find services online! I, myself prefer online shopping because it is cheaper and easier to browse through various option (and no more noisy bf complaining he don’t want to go shopping with me!)

But one of the struggle of online shopping is when I miss a delivery and I have to go to the post office to collect my delivery. Urgh what a hassle, I might as well go to a shop and buy, that will faster. I have been a victim of this for quite some time so I usually send my online orders to the office nowadays because it is so much more easier and I spend more time in the office anyway!

I was curious if there are any other solution for this problem because I’m sure I’m not the only one with this problem right? So with a little googling, here are some delivery alternative that you can use if you don’t want to miss another delivery!


1. Pos Laju EziBox

    The most used courier service in Malaysia is obviously Pos Laju even though there are a lot of complain about them but we still choose to use their service right? I believe Pos Laju EziBox had been around since 2016.


    As you can see from the video, with Pos Laju EziBox, your parcel will be delivery to the nearest EziBox and you will have to collect your parcel from there instead of the post office. One of the benefit from this service, is that you can collect your parcel at anytime so you don't have to worry about rushing home to catch the post office opening hours. Yet the downside is that, there are limited Pos Laju EziBox in Malaysia so not everyone can enjoy it and you only have 2 days to collect your items. Besides, you can only use Pos Laju EziBox if your courier is Pos Laju... You can read more about Pos Laju Ezi Box here.


    2. PopBox

    PopBox is similar to Pos Laju EziBox, the only different is that you can use PopBox for different courier! With PopBox you can send your parcel to PopBox and also return your Lazada parcel using PopBox.

    It basically works similarly to Pos Laju EziBox with the exception that you can use various courier services. Apparently you can even send your parcel using PopBox but I never try it before so I'm not sure how it works. Yet again, the downside of this service is the PopBox locations are very limited.

    3. CollectCo

    This is probably my preferable method if I really need to delivery my parcel somewhere else. CollectCo allows you to send, collect and return your parcel at the selected location. These locations are shops that works with CollectCo and all you have to do is walk in to send or collect your parcel.

    It seems like CollectCo also have more locations compared to Pos Laju EziBox and PopBox as they work with shops such as Caring Pharmacy, MyNews and more. You can read more about CollectCo here. For me the only downside of this is that some stores don't open for long hours and you still have to rush home to catch their opening hours. (Also seems like their service is not available in Sabah yet)

    4. PostCo

    PostCo is similar to CollectCo. They work with stores and allows you to use the store address as your delivery address and you can also send your return parcel by dropping off the parcel to your selected location.

    As you can see it is very similar to CollectCo, you can read more about PostCo here. With PostCo you can easily collect and return your parcel at the nearest stores to you. It just that PostCo do not have sending while CollectCo have sending service. But here's the selling point for PostCo, you can use it in Sabah!

    Out of all four services, only PostCo is available in Sabah. Even then the locations are very limited but better than nothing right? These are all 4 services that I am aware of in Malaysia as for now. Now we don't have to worry about missing another delivery and we can shop online as much as we want!


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