School Canteen to Go Cashless??

Just last year, it was released by New Straight Times, NST that the Education Ministry wants to try something new in the school, which is to introduce cashless payment in the school canteen. I mean coming from the generation that barely spends RM5 for a meal in the school canteen, do kids really need cashless payment method? I’m sure it is great to allow them to experience and learn about cashless payment so we can practice that in the future but how beneficial it is for them and the country?


I had the chance to experience how it feels to tag in and out for your attendance by using a white credit card size card that I have to say was high-tech and made me feel like going to school is going to work because hey I have to tag in or the system will say I’m absence! But I have to say...I forgot to tag in and out quite a number of times so I wasn’t sure how useful it was and if it was beneficial.. I do see where we are going with the students' attendance system but.. to let your children carry a card that holds all their money... I’m not so sure about that.


According to Astro Awani, as for now, the government will be implementing this cashless payment system in 40 schools all over the nation and just a few months ago, it seems like there are really a few schools around the nation that are trying this cashless method according to The Star. I guess this has to do with the making of Malaysia’s cashless society. Plus with the number of e-wallet companies that are in Malaysia such as Boost App, GrabPay and more, I guess it is about time.


If you are wondering what school is implementing this? Check out Garden International School. Let us know what do you think, is this a good move or is it still too early to implement this cashless method in the school canteen?

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hai this is very interesting ..i need to know
1. how the cash less system will improve students and schools .
2. how can i get the right supplier for this cash less system.



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