Tech Products You Should Buy Now

Believe it or not, I was one of the people who did not buy into the idea of using a wireless anything because of the general perception, why do we need to fix things that are not broken. Not only that, Bluetooth earphones always seem like it is only for the working people and the techy. For us the youngsters? We are too cool for it. But hey guess what, now everyone is using wireless earphones and basically wireless everything. Yes, even me. Who would have thought, wires will be so irritating now.

Fast charger

One of the first things you need is to get a fast charger. Seriously this is a need. You may worry about ruining your battery but just check to make sure your phone is suitable for fast charging and use original electronics! These two steps are important. After that you can enjoy the short time it takes to charge your phone. Plus, no more charging overnight so you do not have to worry about overcharging your phone anymore.

Wireless earphone

Wireless earphones became a trend when Apple released their first generation airpods which changed the Bluetooth earphone industry as most businesses quickly release their own version of airpods. I have recently converted to using wireless earphones because of how easy it is to use. I am using Xiaomi Earbuds and all I have to do is open the casing and put it on! There is no need for me to detangle my wires, plug it in or click any button! Seriously it will save you the unnecessary trouble of wrapping your wires and digging through your bag or pocket to get to your earphone. And the most important thing is there will be no more wire issue that will ruin your earphone!! I believe most earphones can last around three to four hours but do not worry, the case is also an external charger so you can always recharge your earphone.

Power bank

Another must have now is to have a power bank or external charger. Yes, most smartphones now have more than enough power to last us for quite some time but we are also using our smartphones ALL the time, there will be time where we will need that extra juice especially after a busy day. This is why in my opinion this is one of the must haves we need to have in our daily life and to be carried everywhere! Just remember to charge it as well, you do not want to end up with a dead phone and a dead power bank! Your power bank can also charge your wireless earphone, another reason to have one all the time.

Wireless mouse

If you do not have a wireless mouse… I am sorry but why? You NEED it especially at times like this where everything is online and you do most of your works online as well. I know, I know what big differences can a wireless mouse make anyway? No wires! It makes it easier to bring your mouse anywhere and you do not have to worry about your wire breaking apart. Another reason is because a wireless mouse can help you during presentation as you can click the next slide with it even while you are walking.

Do remember to purchase a decent quality product when you are making your purchase. A good quality product will ensure the longevity of your tech and ensure a good user experience while using it.

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