Top 10 Best Look At Good Vibes Festival 2018

Are you still recovering from #GVF2018? I certainly hope you have recovered enough to continue with your day to day life! Now that you have recovered and probably missing the good vibes at the festival, we want to remind you the good things that happened over the weekend! 

Here are some of our favourite outfits that were posted on Instagram! Are you one of them or did we miss your dope outfit? Let us know!

1. Johanis Sani (

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2. Ashley (hyeminkiim)

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3. Farhanah Firdaus (faafirds)


4. Jazel Lim (jazelxlim)

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5. Nicole Chen (thenictionary)


6. Reenosha Krishnasamy (reenoshakrish)


7. _tish.a

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8. sunkhiew

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9. Erin (

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10. Cheryl Koh (__cherylk)


These are our top 10 best looks that were spotted on Instagram! We enjoy looking through the pictures on Instagram and seeing everyone rocking their best festival outfit and expressing themselves in various ways such as rocking super extra highlighter because why not right! Then some were rocking extremely creative and colourful makeup looks that looks amazing! We just can't get enough! Why not rock our TipTopBandit shirt for next Good Vibes Festival, you'll look extra dope and you are supporting our Malaysia brand!

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