Make money on Youtube (No Editing or Being on Camera Needed)

Youtube is no doubt one of the Top search engines in the world. Many people have made a living or even a fortune out of the platform by creating content. Usually when people say to become a "Youtuber", people immediately think;

1. They Need to become an influencer
2. They Need to learn editing 
3. They Need to learn film making

While all these are true, there are ways that one can actually make it on Youtube without needing to do any of the above. While there are some people trying to charge $20 to almost $200 for this information, we only ask for your attention & determination to learn. See picture below

 Now, this secret that people are currently "repackaging" to sell to you is actually no secret but just a way that the general population today have not thought about yet. Without wasting anymore of your time below are the information on how you would be able to begin your success on Youtube without needing to become an influencer, appear in front of camera and learn how to edit!


1. You can become a Youtuber by sourcing content from the internet

Yes, you can make money on Youtube by sourcing content from the internet. What we mean by this is that, you can start your own channel/platform of your own on Youtube and source for content to be re-uploaded to your own channel. There are many people that are doing this successfully but to name a few examples for you see below.

i. Unilad
Platform/Channel for funny, cute, inspiring videos on the internet. (Started out in their early days as a platform taking & sharing videos from the internet but now making their own)

ii.  FailArmy
Platform/Channel for the biggest fails on the internet.

iii. Epicdope
Platform/Channel for Lo-fi/Instrumental Music.

However, the process of making money on Youtube like this may take quite awhile to achieve & see success. It is not easy but people have achieved massive success on the platform by sharing other people's content. It does not require any money, it may take awhile, it may seem difficult but it is not impossible. You only need the right strategy, approach & patience to set up something as big as those that has achieve success today just by doing this.

So the key for this first method is, to firstly

1. Find your niche (music, animals, comedy etc),
2. Create a channel, look for content creators that are willing to collaborate by allowing you to re-upload and monetise on their content.

Usually people would be more willing to collaborate with your channel if you have a large following for the reasons that they can get more exposure because the bigger your following, the bigger the exposure. The bigger the exposure, the higher the chances are that people want to collaborate with you.

It might be a little tough if you don't but there is a step by step method that you need to follow in order to kick start your channel using this method.

2. Paying someone online to create content for you.

Now this may seem like it is a similar way to the previous method to making money on Youtube but we promise you that it is totally different. For this method, you would need to be ready to spend some serious money. Are you ready? If you are not then stop reading now. If you are, continue on!

In this method, usually you would have to invest your hard earn money into paying someone to create/provide content for you. It may seem something like the first method but it isn't for the reasons that, the first method does not require you to pay anybody for anything. This method however requires you to fork out a little bit of money for content creation.

In order to start a channel like this, as mentioned earlier on this article, it all begins with finding the type of channel you are seeking to make. Once you know this, then you would be able to know the contents you want to make for this channel.

For example, a channel focusing on cars. Once you know that you are focusing on cars, the next step is to know what kind of content. That are many types of channels you can make once you have found your niche however below are some examples.



1. "How to" type channel
A channel that teaches about cars, information about cars


2. "Review" type channel

A channel reviewing cars


3. "Documentary" type channel
A channel showing you some documentary about cars.


 Once you know this, you may begin sourcing for people to create content for you. There are many platforms online that you can go to and look for content creators. The difficult part of this method is looking for people that can actually do a good job for you. To help you get started, below are some platforms that can help get you started.

1. Fiverr
Skills, Contents Marketshare

2. Starnow
Casting Agency

3. Viously
A market place for content creators

***These are just examples & links to some platforms we have in mind. It may or may not work out the same for whatever niche you are going for***

Alright! This is the end of this article. Now that all this has been said, it is safe to conclude that, yes it is possible to make money on Youtube without learning how to edit or becoming an influencer. You can do it by choosing from either one of the following methods mentioned in this article.

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