2 Weeks Challenges You Should Try

No sugar challenge

Do you know that you are almost always having sugar without even realizing it? When you eat outside, some meals in the evening are savory and require sugar and this contributes to your daily sugar intake even though you believe you did not consume any sugar. Processed sugar has been found to be harmful when you take too much of it. Especially now with the milk tea and boba trend that is still going strong, why not try to consciously eliminate sugar from your diet. 

Some found that eliminating sugar from their diet makes them less puffy and they tend to be more energetic as they do not have to go through sugar drop. Sugar drop is similar to when you first had caffeine and then you start facing caffeine drop which makes you feel groggy and annoyed after a few hours, you will be craving for another cup of coffee.

Since we are staying home for another two weeks, why not try to challenge yourself to eliminate or reduce your daily sugar intake?

No shopping challenge

How many of you had been purchasing items here and there because "well I need it." I challenge you to stop purchasing any items that are not essential in these two weeks' time. 

Online shopping is a dangerous platform to be at especially when we are bored and are looking for things to fill up our time. This is a great time to take a step back to reflect on ourselves whether we really need all the things we are planning to purchase or is it to satisfy our "wants" to have the items? 

A great way to take a pause is to reflect if we are going to use the items in the next two weeks and one year from purchasing the item. If you do not think you are going to use the item one year after purchasing it, try to ask your family and friends if you can borrow the item from them before going out to purchase it.

2500ml water challenge

Drinking water is something a lot of us never really measure. Do you remember how much water did you drank yesterday? Or did you only drink water when you start feeling thirsty? 

In these two weeks' time, start drinking more water. Get a bottle or always have a cup of water with you and remind yourself to constantly drink. Drinking a lot of water helps to cleanse your body and ensure that your body is hydrated. If you tend to get headaches every so often or get tired easily, maybe increasing your water intake will help! Since you will be home for another two weeks, this is the best time to build this habit. It will be easier to maintain this habit once the MCO is lifted as you are already used to it.

No snacking challenge

One downside of being in your house most of the time is you will most likely spend most of your time opening and closing the refrigerator or drawers to find something to munch. It can be snacks or maybe you bought ice cream earlier and you are already planning to have some for your snack time.

Why not challenge yourself to stop snacking in this two weeks' time? Or maybe try to find a better snack alternative compared to your chips, cookies, and ice cream.

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