4 Small Things You Can Do to Save the Earth

Saving the Earth had been a somewhat trending topic for the past years. It is probably because there are more individuals that are making an effort to create awareness regarding the state of our Earth now and how we can help to save it. Honestly, there are a lot of things that we can do to help save the Earth. We can start by slowly changing our comfortable habits to making a little effort such as these 4 things that we can start now.

Stop using plastic bag and plastic straw

This is one of the efforts that are being pushed very much by our own government and stores in our country. In a few states, you have to bring your own recyclable bag when you are shopping because the plastic bag is not provided anymore. While in some states, if you want a plastic bag for your items, you will have to pay RM0.20 for a plastic bag. Some stores are even using a biodegradable plastic bag that feels very weird and sometimes smells like food.

Some kedai makan had also stopped offering plastic straws to their customers to encourage them to use less plastic starting from a small step like a plastic straw. I mean, there is honestly nothing wrong sipping your drink from the cup instead of using a plastic straw right? If you are worried about staining your teeth then you can purchase various alternatives such as metal straw, bamboo straw or even paper straw.

This may seem like a petty thing but how many times have you seen the news saying so and so the animal is found stranded in the beach, then comes the news the causes for such horrible news of the sea creatures are consumption of waste products such as plastic in the ocean.

Tapau food & drinks with your own container & bottle

Another simple thing that you can do is when you are going to tapau/bungkus something, use your own container instead of the plastic container and plastic that they provide. Why? Because you can reuse the same container and bottle over and over again instead of using plastic container or plastic cup/bag that you will only throw after your meal. Guess how long it will take for the plastic to decompose?

Stop buying an aerosol spray

Another simple thing is to switch all your aerosol spray to something else. Aerosol spray released gases that are harmful and not needed on this Earth. It is not only bad for the Earth but it is also bad for your health. So make the switch now!

Recycle your trash

One last thing that had been in our country for a really long time yet it is not widely practice, recycle your trash! Your plastic can be recycled, your glasses can be recycled! All the papers that you have accumulated over the years can be recycled! This may seem like it is a waste of time but can you imagine how many things can be recycle had been thrown in the dump site because of our laziness to separate our trash? If you are too lazy to collect a huge pile then going to the recycle centre, you can find the nearest recycle bin to you and throw your items there. One more tip is you can send your recycled items to H&M and you will receive a coupon as a thank you for recycling your clothes!

What do you think? Can you start incorporating all these steps into your life and make changes from there? All these may seem small but remember, you need to start small!

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