4 Ways to Pick Yourself Up from Funky Feelings

Work out

The best thing to do at this time is to get some sweat out! Exercising releases hormones that will trigger a positive feeling in your body! You might feel all sluggish as you were probably on your bed 24/7, watching Netflix and your daily exercise is to walk to your kitchen to open your refrigerator and maybe cook up some “gourmet meal” for yourself. 

Now is the time to give those muscles a wake-up call! There are a lot of videos on YouTube to guide you through your exercise session. You can choose to use equipment or use your body weight, choose your type of exercise and more! 

Oh, if you have a favorite song, try to search the song title + exercise or workout. Now you can listen to your favorite song while exercising! This activity is suitable for beginners and experts as there are a big number of videos out there, just choose according to your capabilities! 


Journaling is a great activity to do as it helps you to recap your days and reflect on it. You do not have to be all creative, buying a new notebook, new pen, stickers. You can start by downloading an app on your phone to help build this habit. Just start writing whenever you feel like writing, write down whatever you are feeling. Make it an outlet for you to dump all the negativity you have inside.

Also, don't force yourself to do this. If you don't feel like doing so then maybe this is not the right thing for you, maybe drawing is for you? Maybe writing once a week instead of once a day suits you better?

Do not let the "standard" that you see on social media as the standard you have to follow. Do what you believe is right and suits you. There are various ways for you to journal your life, choose what suits you best. Maybe posting on your social media? Or taking pictures of your day? Don't stress about it, maybe you have been journaling your life even longer than what you thought!


Clean your living space! They said a messy living space shows how your mind is and that is usually correct for me. Cleaning helps as it cleans your space from scattered items, trash and more. It also helps greatly as it takes your mind off from your problem and gives you that little time to step away from your head which allows you to focus better when you return to whatever that was taking the space in your mind and in your living space.


Another activity that you can do is to declutter your things. Clutters are usually items you believe you need and end up storing for years as you do not want to part with it which then results in these items just taking up space..

Take a look at your wardrobe now, how many items in there do you actually love and feel confident while wearing it? Maybe it is time to do some spring cleaning? There are also items such as those old pens you had since forever, you are not even sure if it still works but...what if you need it?

Well, it is time to get these things out of your space! Clutters take space which results in messy space! Oh, do not forget to declutter the things in your head as well! Those old fights you are still bitter about? Maybe it is time to let it go? Clutters are everywhere in our life, we have to make sure we always try to declutter these things!

But you know what? You know yourself best, do what is best for you. If you think staying in bed the whole day is the best for you then it probably is. That does not mean you are not doing anything. You are doing what is best for you. 

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