5 Easy Changes to Help Our Earth

Reusable Bags

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The easiest swap you can start with is to change your usual plastic bag to a reusable bag every time you are purchasing something. This is the easiest swap as most of us already own at least one reusable bag, it can be a gift from an event we went to or you purchased the iconic IKEA bag. 

Just keep one or two in your car and bag. Then as you shop you can just take it out instead of using the plastic bag provided. You can even bring a backpack all the time as you can easily drop your purchase in your backpack.

Reusable Zipper Bag

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Remember that ziplock bag that you may have used to store wet food? Most people tend to throw it away after one usage instead of washing it and reusing it. I believe it is not recommended to reuse it as well. 

There is a replacement for the ziplock bag which is a reusable silicone bag that you can wash and reuse multiple times instead of using a plastic ziplock bag. It is exactly the same as the plastic ziplock bag except it is made from silicone. 

This is a good replacement and good when you are still trying to change your habits. 

Glass Food Containers

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You might be thinking what is wrong with using plastic containers? If you have it, then keep using it! Please do not throw it away because you heard glass containers are better. Glass is recommended over plastic as it is cleaner compared to plastic as it does not absorb food and germs thus making it safer to use.

Glass containers also have a longer life cycle as compared to plastic containers which may break within a few months. Unless you are clumsy and drop your glass containers.

Reusable Water Bottle

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Another easy change is to use a reusable water bottle. It is recommended to use a stainless steel water bottle as it is durable for you to carry everywhere and it can last for a long time. Plastic water bottles had been said to collect germs and have harmful chemicals to your body.

Silicone Cover

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The last swap is to swap out your plastic wraps and maybe aluminium foil to silicone cover. Plastic wraps and aluminium foil cannot be used multiple times as it is a single-use item, unlike silicone cover which you can easily wash and reuse.

Silicone cover comes in various sizes and it allows you to cover your dishes as it stretches and grip to the side of your bowl or containers. This creates a cover like plastic wraps or aluminium foil.

Do remember that yes these items can easily be purchased on online shopping websites such as Lazada and Shopee but they are usually not ethically produced from sourcing the material to produce your items and the people working to produce your items. Try to purchase it from a credible source.

Not only that, if you still have items such as plastic containers, plastic wraps or aluminium foil in your house. Do not be so quick to throw it away because it is harmful to the planet. It is even more harmful and wasteful to throw it away before using it. If you do not wish to use it anymore then past it to someone that you know will use it. 

These swaps may be your first step to making a better life!

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