5 Positive Acts to Improve Your Day (and Life!)

1. Smile

The simple act of smiling could really improve your mood and those around you. There are times when the weight of the world seemed unbearable to us, and we can’t hide our gloomy thoughts from showing on our faces. But remember that a kind gesture of smiling could instantly make you feel better and other will likely return the gesture as well and you just helped spread the positive vibes!

2. Opening doors for others.

Yes, this may seem more chivalrous and stereotypically for dates and such but this can be applied in our daily lives too! Open the doors for the one behind you, if you see someone that has groceries in their hand and are struggling, open it for them. These days, our pace gets quicker, we want everything to move faster, we won’t even stop one second to look at our surrounding. An act like this will definitely put things into perspective, we are able to stop for a few seconds to help others no matter how small the gesture is, and people will appreciate it. 

3. Giving way during traffic.

This can be the hardest selfless act since our inner demon of impatience often comes out to play during heavy traffic, or rather when we’re driving. There is a karma loophole to it, when you give way to others, others will give way to you! Tested and proven. We are all heading somewhere and one car (or two) ahead of you won’t stop you from reaching your destination (unless fate interferes!). So, raised your hand as a gesture of thank you when somebody gives way to you. Let the positive karma go around!

 4. Compliments

It should be given out more often, as long as it is genuine. Compliments are treated like rewards, and unless something is absolutely out of this world, compliments are carefully given. It shouldn’t be that way! In fact, when you feel like complimenting someone no matter how little it is you should go ahead and say it! And yes, even to a stranger. Although it may seem a little out of place for a stranger but compliments won’t hurt others as long as they are from the heart. Tell your parents that they inspire you to be strong, tell your best friend she’s beautiful inside and out. Tell the cashier at the grocery store you like their hair! All is good when you say what you mean when you mean it.

5. Charity 

Do not think too much about scams and people trying to rip you off in the name of charity, stop being clouded by cynicism and negative perception. Give what you can give, as little as it may seem, it is part of something bigger and you are contributing. Do not feel like it won’t make any difference because it will. Even when you feel like what you have is not enough, an act of charity won’t make you go bankrupt, in fact, it will add positivity to your day knowing that someone somewhere will benefit from the charitable act that you did. Charity can come in a monetary sense or even labour, volunteering in an animal shelter, giving stray cats and dogs some food, or simply buying a charity product at a retail store. You are helping others regardless.

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