It Is Okay To Not Be Okay


Feeling unproductive right now because you have been stuck in your home for so long? You know what? Congratulations for waking up and clicking this article, it is okay for you to feel unproductive and not do anything. Get the rest that you need, recharge. YOU know yourself best and do what is best for you. You do not have to follow everyone's pace, follow your own pace.


Hey are you okay? Feeling tired is okay, even if you have not done anything at all today or if you have completed so many tasks for today and you cannot wait to finally relax. YOUR feelings are valid, if you feel tired then you are tired. Get the rest that you need, your body is telling you to rest. Rest your body, mental and spirits.


Are you bored in the house -cue to Tik Tok song playing in your head - bored in the house, bored? You do not know what to do for the day? Then do nothing or do something that interests you. NO pressure to do anything, it is your choice to do what you want for the day.


It is unavoidable to feel lonely at this time, especially when you are staying alone and far from your loved ones (which can include your parents, your family, your significant other and your friends!) We are very lucky that most of us have the privilege to own a smartphone that has the capability to do almost everything. Give your love a quick call, maybe they are missing you as well! 

And it is okay to be lonely at this time. It is understandable, we are human being that needs to have human interaction (yes even introverts need human interactions every once in awhile) 

Please do not feel bad if you are feeling lonely.


Are you constantly feeling angry? Agitated? As if every little things that goes wrong will make your fuse blow? YOUR feelings are valid. I am sure you have a valid reason for your anger. It could be pent up frustrations or it could be because we have been stuck in the same environment for weeks. 

But you know what, it is okay if you are angry. You are still human and you cannot always be happy. 


It is okay to feel anxious, especially at times like this where you are not sure about a lot of things. YOUR feelings are valid, it is not wrong for to feel anxious with the unknown we are facing right now.


Have sadness been consuming you? Is it taking over you? THIS is a valid feeling. It is okay for you to feel sad, especially at times like this where everything seems to be moving fast and changing everyday. Plus the fact that most people are alone now or struggling in their own way, looking for a way to navigate through this journey. You are not alone and it is okay to feel sad. 

Whatever you are feeling right now, do know it is valid. ALL your feelings are valid and it deserves your attention. Try to not sweep your feelings under the rug especially now where we are overwhelmed with various feelings. I hope you are okay, will be okay.

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