Quotes to Keep as Your Daily Mantra

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Everyone struggles through life in different ways, no matter who you are or how successful. Behind every smile is a history of self-doubt and hard times, and everyone’s constantly in a chase for their own happiness. Whether it’s about achieving your wildest dreams or finding your way out of problems, the pursuit of happiness is a definite goal for everyone.

Although that goal does promise a lot of hope and the ultimate heavenly destination, we must keep in mind that the trials that we face every day are merely part and parcels of life. It’s with our struggles can we learn to get back on our feet, and get going in life. It’s a learning process for ourselves to grow into more humane and morally conscious human beings for the betterment of ourselves and the people around us.


To keep that spirit up, you will need to get rid of the negative thoughts that bring you down. Here are a few inspiring quotes that you should keep in mind as your daily mantra.


We all have people who bring us down with criticism, it could be your boss, your teachers, or even your closest friends and family. However, you shouldn’t let your own voice drown out.


At our own pace in life, we all have the right to decide what’s best for us and what’s not. If something doesn’t benefit you or leads you to dismay, it’s your own choice to leave and let go.


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Your thoughts determine your goals. It’s like faking it till you make it, only in the most honest sense. Maybe Bruce Lee kept thinking he’s going to be a martial artist, and so he became.


We tend to be bothered by other people’s business, which usually doesn’t benefit us in any way. Time is better spent focusing on our own flaws and how to improve ourselves.


Although people say the best things come to those who wait, some instances don’t apply. And instead of chasing for the best opportunity, know that the chance to be better could be right now.


The iconic Meryl Streep was once dismissed in her film auditions, but look where she is now. Sometimes what you think is abnormal about yourself is exactly what makes you one of a kind.


As the great Walt Disney said himself, “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing,” it’s up to you to change that negative mindset. Only you can change yourself.  

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