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Neila Maryam

Since the rise of hoops that have never stopped growing bigger and bigger, comes a new love for statement earrings! And mind you, sometimes statement earrings aren’t all about being big with vibrant colors to catch everyone’s attention, the new age of fashion has brought a lot of edge with the simplest designs.


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It’s sort of bewildering how a tiny piece of jewelry can change the entire look (and mood, really). These days, pairing a plain tee with some plain jeans may seem quite ordinary and boring, and sometimes you’d just wanna be just a tiny bit extra. So put on those tiny pearl studs and make a new statement! Minimalism is the new extra.


On that note, here’s a tip: Let’s say you’re with your mom at the market and you’re in the most simple outfit of just a plain tee and blue jeans. And suddenly your mom wants to take the next level of shopping to the mall, and you sort of feel under-dressed to go to the city. But THANK GOD for those cute earrings in your purse because you’d level up your look with just one pair of hoop earrings away! Long story short, always carry another pair of earrings in your bag. Just in case you know.


Hear ye, hear ye! Here are some of the latest earring trends that will bring a lot of edge to the everyday plain jane!


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These teardrop-shaped earrings are so cute with that floral touch! Even in simplicity it adds volumes to your outift!

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How about these bold resin earrings? Modern geometrical shapes are back at it again making things extra edgy!

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Oh, those are faces? Interesting! Go just a tiny bit artsy with these abstract designs for a touch of picasso to your simple pallete!

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The quirkier the shapes, the better!

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They are SO PRETTY, you kinda really just wanna get them right away. You can find these trends on Zalora and the many uprisings of instashops!

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