GOOD VIBES FESTIVAL 2018 is this weekend! Got your festival survival kit ready?

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While it is indeed all good vibes and good music, a festival can be quite a challenge if you don’t have your necessities when you need them, or worse, if you show up empty-handed. Yikes! It’s not your typical one night concert, obviously, so you would have to take it up a notch and come in with your festival survival kit!


  1. Don’t let it rain on your parade!

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Malaysia’s weather is known to be quite bipolar: It could be bright and sunny in the morning only to meet with a heavy downpour by evening. Think of worse case scenario: Make sure to bring raincoats and waterproof everything! (That includes your phones and cameras) Make sure your backpack is water resistant too!

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And, don’t bother showing off your new shoes to festival grounds. Chances are, it’s going to get really muddy and dirty if it rains. It’s best to wear comfortable sneakers that you don’t mind staining in chocolate.


  1. A friend in need is a friend indeed.


The festival is best spent with friends! What better purpose is there to attend the festival with your group of friends if it isn’t about A+ pictures for the gram? I’m kidding. Besides having a good time together, it’s important to strategize your survival at the festival! You don’t want to be the only one carrying a picnic blanket all for yourself, do you? Strategize with friends to enjoy the festival without having to carry a heavy bag. You could maybe share a compact camera too? Sharing is caring, right?

Another important thing is getting to Genting Highlands. If you intend to drive there it’s best to carpool with friends to reduce cost and for a better possibility to get a parking spot. But the best commute is by the services prepared by the festival organizers! Read this guide to find your best alternative here or here

Also, make sure you and your friends keep track of the lineup and schedules! You can plan for rest times and party times! View the schedule and festival map here.


  1. Bring enough cash!

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You might want to get yourself a souvenir to remind you of all the fun you had at Good Vibes Festival 2018! While they might be a bit pricey, you should bring cash as there won't be any ATM’s available in the area. Also, outside food is not permitted at the festival, so you would have to buy from the available vendors. Consider sharing with your friends, maybe? - If you’re that bad of a cheapskate!


Preparation is key! Make sure to read the festival rules and regulations on the official festival website. 

So why not get into the festival mood and listen to their Spotify playlist, here? And for those who aren’t attending Good Vibes Festival 2018, you can always have a mini-concert in the bathroom. *cries*


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