How To Make Your Legs Look Longer In Pictures

A lot of people want to be tall or want their legs to look longer than it really is in their picture. Here are some way for you to achieve that dream legs of yours!


First of all you need to find clothes that will make your legs look longer. For example like high waist jeans and shorts shorts. This will give you the illusion that your waist is higher and your legs are longer. You can also wear some short skirts or short dresses with high waist. This will create the instant long legs effect! 

Here are some examples!


You can also put on some nice chunky high heels to elongate your legs. This one for sure will make your legs look super long! 



Another way you can create the illusion of longer legs is to know how to pose! I believe one of the famous pose that will create the illusion of longer legs is to put one foot in front and point your toe. But there are other poses that will help to make your legs look longer! Especially if you are lying down or sitting down!




Another tip is to know your angle! You need to know which angle you look best in and how the angle will turn out. This needs a lot of practices!



Find A Good Photographer

This is the most important tips of all! You need to have a good photographer that can help you to find that perfect angle for the camera to capture the perfect picture. Camera angles make a big different with how you look! It can make you look shorter or taller in whatever clothes you are wearing!



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If nothing helps then there is only one thing you can do! Only post selfies or half body pictures if you do not want to post full body pictures. Pro tips to post full body pictures is you must do crazy pose to distract people from your legs!

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Okay kidding la, be happy with your body! You might be jealous of someone's long legs but you never know out there someone is jealous with your hair or anything. Be thankful with our body. I doubt someone will focus on how long your legs is anyway!






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