Pillars Of Sabah

Right in the heart of the humble city of Kota Kinabalu is the famous street art spectacle that has never failed to be an attraction for both locals and tourists. What is made of bones left from an old building- is now made a platform for local artists to showcase their work! Whether it’s merely just a “PaULu$ wUz H3r3” graffiti in red spray paint or a large sentimental masterpiece made a memorial of the 2015 earthquake, some memorable parts of KK are in the various colorful artwork that reflects most of the city’s vibrant spirit.


Since it has become a local trademark, 30 local artists will be debuting artwork of some of our local heroes in celebration of Malaysia Day!


(picture source: New Straits Times)

Pillars of Sabah is an art project showcasing 30 artists on one pillar each with their portraits of “Inspiring Sabahans” and their own portraits on the other side. These Sabahan icons were chosen by the artists as whom they believe are significant as identities of their own in the eyes of Sabahans, and are celebrated for their contributions locally and globally in various fields.


Some featured inspiring Sabahans featured at the street art gallery are Abu Bakar Ellah, famous for his stage name Ampal and coconut-shaped hair, chosen by 38-year-old artist Azlan Dulikab and Paralympic athlete Felicia Mikat painted by Shelly Phang.


(picture source: Pillars of Sabah on Facebook)

Launching on Malaysia Day itself, the public is warmly welcomed to witness the pillars of patriotism as well as meet and greet the artists to mix and mingle the love for art and love for home. You might even get to meet the people in the portraits in person! What better way to celebrate a monumental holiday than to be with some of the most inspiring people, which includes all Malaysians, who make our country such a harmonious home.

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