We witnessed a global phenomenon right in our home when the world saw the longest reign of government come to a grand-scale change.


I’ll take a wild guess and say that most Malaysians across the world stayed anxiously in front of the news and on their mobile phones waiting for the results of GE14. Some experienced the long wait with their parents, while some gathered with fellow Malaysian brothers and sisters with hopeful hearts and constant prayers, in hopes of seeing our beloved Malaysia turn around for the better. And after the longest election result announcement wait of 5 dreading hours, sleepy-eyed yet still high-spirited and bold journalists come to reveal just how fed up they felt (as we all were)- Until a new government officially takes its stride on the rising sun and Malaysia sings its national anthem in utter pride for a whole week! You suddenly feel like everything is so strange.. You’ve always loved your country but never have you felt a pride such as this.


(picture source: SAYS.com)

In celebration of such a monumental moment, comes the film so eager to hit cinemas in Merdeka - Malaysia Day week, Rise: Ini Kalilah. You can already guess the theme of the film by the infamous saying, “ini kalilah” as a reminder of how we have achieved brand new light for our beloved home.


This film of change and power of the people tells six inter-related stories that follow the lives of everyday Malaysians leading up to the frantic days of the 14th Grand Elections. You may discover that, although they do not wear the Malaysian flags on their clothes, the common love they share for their country is undoubtedly red, blue, yellow and white enough to call them true Malaysians.


Rise: Ini Kalilah is directed by some notable names in Malaysian cinema, who are Nik Amir Mustapha, Saw Teong Hin and MS Prem Nath - paving way for not just a grand manifesto, but possibly a good feature film as well. Like the varied backgrounds of directors, this film features a multicultural cast to reflect our harmonious celebration, namely Remy Ishak, Mira Filzah, Sangeeta Krishnasamy, Jack Tan, Shashi Tharan, Jenn Chia.


The film has just been released on 13th September 2018, spreading its colorful spirit leading up to Malaysia Day! Make sure to catch the celebration in cinemas!

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