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Check out some of these new earring trends!

Since the rise of hoops that have never stopped growing bigger and bigger, comes a new love for statement earrings! And mind you, sometimes statement earrings aren’t all about being big with vibrant colors to catch everyone’s attention, the new age of fashion has brought a lot of edge with the simplest designs.   (picture source: It’s sort of bewildering how a tiny piece of jewelry can change the entire look (and mood, really). These days, pairing a plain tee with some plain jeans may seem quite ordinary and boring, and sometimes you’d just wanna be just a tiny bit extra. So put on those tiny pearl studs and make a new statement! Minimalism is the new extra.  ...

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Old but Gold: Creative Ideas to Transform Old into New

Fashion is all about speaking colors even when dressed in black. While clothes aren’t really a necessity in life, you make it a necessity in embodying who you are as a person. But at times, fashion can be frustrating. You wanna follow trends but as you try to keep up, your wallet doesn’t. But why go through the agonizing pain of wearing your wallet out just for a trendy pair of jeans, when you can set your own trends by amplifying the existing items in your cramped up wardrobe? Those rotting clothes deserve to be brought back to life, with a touch of magic. Here are some easy creative ideas to transform old into gold: Embroidered jacket (source: It’s...

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Less is More: Spark Your Inner Minimalist

(source: Compared to the early 2000’s, fashion and style have taken a great turn. From overlapping denim and leather, comes minimalism: the art of necessity. The minimalist lifestyle lives with an ongoing mantra of only keeping things that are important, or in other words, keeping it simple. Fashion has evolved back to basics, as in, literally, clean cuts of shirt, pants or skirt, and a plain pair of shoes. While it is true that what you wear says a lot about you, sometimes minimalism speaks way beyond just that. As your clothes portray a plain jane/average joe, your personality could be otherwise in reality. The simplicity of your fashion can create some form of mystery as to figure out...

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