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Is Sarah Burgess is a Loser Just Another Typical Teen Movie?

  Considering the fact that most of Netflix’s originals cater to younger age groups and pretty much center high school life and teenage peer pressure,Sarah Burgess is a Loser makes no exception! You’re probably really tired of preteen culture in cinema but if you’re like me, you’ve probably succumbed to the curious question of “why has this movie made such a big hype?”   (picture source: While this movie is 70% cliche, we have to take into account the 30% that makes preteen cinema a whole lot different. Sarah Burgess is a Loser has executed the central problem of teenage insecurity with a different approach by presenting the lead actress played by Shannon Purser with an “I don’t care...

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Every Malaysian's Must-Watch: ONE TWO JAGA

If you aren’t very keen on keeping up with our very own Malaysian cinema, perhaps this is the time to actually give it a try. And my pro tip is: You might want to start it with One Two Jaga for fresh impressions on our growing film industry.   (picture source) This film is worth forgetting The Nun and Munafik 2 for a while, because One Two Jaga tells films through realistic experiences through occurrences that may be quite familiar to most of us, although we sometimes choose not to acknowledge them considering how fabricated most of our lenses are. Get it?   ONE TWO JAGA, also dubbed “Crossroads” in international screens, is a film about Malaysian and foreign workers’...

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Sepet (2005): Love for a Better Perspective

(pic source: Let’s take a stroll down Malaysian cinema - You’d be surprised to find many notable films from ones from the P. Ramlee era to today’s unexpected box office wins. But let’s be honest, the local industry has seen many disappointments as well with the kind of storylines that are just too typical and boring. So let’s talk about Sepet from 2005, this film has aged but never turned outdated because it shined a better and brighter perspective on love that is anything but ordinary.   (pic source: Sepet (2005) was directed by the mother of Malaysian cinema who was tragically short-lived, Yasmin Ahmad. She is known for heartwarming movies that touch on racial issues with a...

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