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Throwback songs from the early 2000’s

(source: If you’ve been through the late 90’s and the start of a new millennium, you’re probably familiar with the era of top to bottom denim, spunky teens, and uprising boy bands. Breaking through the new millennium of the music world are the hits we know so well today. We’d get excited when it gets randomly played on the radio, in which, we’d soon realize how we’ve grown familiar with the lyrics and not to mention the adlibs too. It’s rather ironic how nostalgia feels fresh in mind when familiarity starts to play with our memories. Whether it’s a catchy tune or the ultimate emo track, songs of the early 2000’s were really memorable especially to the spunky teens...

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Must Listen Covers of Your Favorite Songs

(source: You have to admit that sometimes songs on the radio grow old, and overplayed, especially after going through agonizing traffic jams almost every day. They tend to play the same songs over and over, and in some cases, two radio stations could be playing the same song at the same time! When you find yourself switching from one station to the other and ending up sick and tired of Havana or Shape Of You, or anything that’s way too overplayed these days… You know you’ve just had it. Even your favorite songs wear out, and you sing along to them way too often until it just gets plain boring. Sounds pretty sad because, well, maybe those songs hold...

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