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The Guide To Kaamatan

Pack Your Sunscreens and Umbrellas! The weather in Sabah around the month of May can be quite unpredictable and do expect scorching hot sun as well as heavy rain! Do not be fooled by the weather and make sure that you came prepared. There will be a lot of grounds to cover and you need to walk around visiting the interesting booths so make sure you are dressed comfortably as well. Make sure to put on sunscreens to ensure UV protection so that you can roam the KDCA vicinity without any worries. Don’t forget to bring your umbrellas along with you, it is good for hot and rainy weather and it is best to always be prepared!   Get Cultured...

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Instagram Tips

Know your style, and be yourself It is important for you to channel your personality through your posts, whether it be photography or videography, what you post should represent who you are. It is okay to be dynamic and change your style now and then, people change and so does their interests! When your personal style change, the pictures that you take will change as well and that is completely fine, it’ll be fun to go through your Instagram account a few years later and see how much you’ve grown in terms of expressing yourself through pictures! Always be true to who you are, it is your platform to shine!   Develop an aesthetic This heavily depends on the individual,...

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