Where to Go in Sabah to Beat The Hot Weather

The weather had been really hot the past few days! I can sweat by just being under the sun for a few minutes yikes! It's really really nice to just stay at home with the fan full blast and pointed at you....or just turn on the ac full blast! Going out to the mall sounds really nice as well...if you are going out then here are some shops that you can visit to cool down from this heat!

1. Nunpat 

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The first bingu or better known as shaved ice, that open their door in Sabah. What better way can you cool down the heat? Get their chocolate bingsu (it comes with shaved ice, ice cream and more sweet stuff!) and share it with your family or friends. You stay cool and catch up at the same time.

2. Yoyo

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Sabah very own brand that is well liked by everyone. Drop by their Lintas shop and you can lepak there while enjoying your milk tea or poison of your choice. I believe their famous drink is milk tea pearl and coconut. You can also have their famous pastry!

3. Dwaffle

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They have all sort of drinks for you to choose from. It's not as good as Yoyo but it's certainly good enough for a quick fix to cool down the heat. I believe as of Sunday they have RM1 milk tea promotion and buy 1 free 1 for their smoothie! 

4. Ayoi Culture Cafe

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A cafe that I've seen way too many times on Instagram and seeing all the ig posts on these hot weather... I would love to have one (or two) of their famous drinks. I've also seen so many people giving nothing but praises to their drinks so it is a must get in this hot weather!

5. Desa

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Last but not least, if you really can't stand the heat anymore. Go for a "quick" drive to Desa and you'll enjoy a much better weather with good air and good scenery. You can even get their signature Desa Milk and ice cream!


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