10 Types of People You Will See In Parties

Now that the festive season is over. Let's rewind back to you experience during the festive season. All the parties you attended, from your friend's parties to your family parties. For sure there are some people that you will see often in these parties! Here are some of the people you will surely see!


The drinker

This one for sure you will see in every party that serves any alcohol. There will be that one person that will always have a glass or a can with him/her and they will be offering alcohol to everyone!


The shy one

This one also for sure will have one la. Someone in that party will be the shy one, they won't talk as much and they won't socialize as much. If you talk with them also not confirm yet if they will enjoy the conversation with or they will answer you one word one word.


The glue

Okay this one similar to the shy one but this one they always stick with the same person. They are not that shy but you will always see them with the same person and when they are not with that person they will become the shy one. Or they are that group of girls that only stick with them.


The IG story

This one confirm got one in every party. You go clubbing also got, family party also got. You go birthday party also got one la. This one will always have their phone ready to record anything and then they will be updating their social media with all the pictures and videos taken! If not like that then must take 100 pictures to take the perfect picture. True or not?


The talker

Okay, just now you had the shy one and the glue one. This one the opposite of that. This one talk talk talk talk. They can jump from one person then talk with another person the next second. Can talk with the kids then can talk with old people also. They call them the social butterfly.


The philosopher

This one aiya, quite annoying la. Unlike the talker, this one if they talk they always want to debate about something. It can be about politics or they preaching about something to everyone. Yea they talk with everyone but they want to talk about their topics only. 


The drunk

This one the best la, if in Sabah these are the people that will control the karaoke mic. The auntie uncle that drink a bit too much already then they want to share their happiness with a song or two...or more... 


The eater

This one, you can find near the food all the time. He or she will always have a plate of food with them. If not, every time a new food come out or maybe a cake, he or she will be there waiting to get a piece of it. 


The cleaner

This one quite common in family party, usually the mum or the first born female in the family. They will always be cleaning the used dishes and cups or checking if the dishes are finish then taking the container to the kitchen. The "mum" in the party la.


The babysitter

This one not so common unless you have a lot of children in your family. There tend to be a few assigned babysitters for the children so the adults can have separate time while the children are all gathered together with the babysitters.

And that is the list of people you will see in most parties! Did you see any in the parties you attended before this? If you did, comment and tell us which one did you encounter!

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