10 Wardrobe Essentials For All

We all are free to express ourselves according to our own unique style but here are a few clothing essential to help get you started in discovering your journey to a complete wardrobe!

1. Outerwear

Having a variety of outerwear at your disposal will help you complete the look that you are going for that day, and you have a wide range or outerwear that you could invest in. For example, bomber jackets, parkas, denim jacket, leather jacket and biker jacket! You don’t actually have to break your piggy bank to get all the expensive outerwear, you can even thrift it! With a little bit of luck, patience and a great eye you could get the outerwear of your dream with a cheaper price! But never be afraid to invest in a really good one as well because most outerwear like denim jacket or parkas will never go out of style and you can throw it on during a cold weather just to add an extra something to your outfit.

2. Basic Tees

Basic tees are the first layer to your outfit, and it is an essential because it is needed to build an outfit around in order for your staple pieces to stand out more. The essential colours are a black or white, but you can always play with other colours if you wanted to experiment with your own style of mixing and matching. Not to mention a simple white tee can be your safe go to garment for when you are in a hurry but still wanted to look clean and presentable.

3. Sweaters

Sweaters can be considered as an outerwear but most people just wear it on its own without layering. Especially statement sweaters that has graphic, logos, or wordings on it, not only is it comfy but gives you room to be more spontaneous with your fashion. Sweaters can come in a variety of colours, and even length! So choose them according to your style and have at least a couple of sweaters in your wardrobe so you could just put it on during emergency late night adventures.

4. Black Tank Top

Another first layer essential, you can dress down or dress up a black tank top and pair it with a dressy skirt or just a pair of black jeggings depending on the style that you are going for.  A black tank top will help tie your look to be more cohesive and it functions just like the basic tees, to bring about attention to the staple pieces from your wardrobe that you are pairing it with.

5. Striped Shirt

This one depends on one’s personal style, some might not like stripes as much but it is the one pattern that is timeless and it can help add a little ‘umph’ to a plain outfit. Striped shirt can be pair with jeans, skirts, shorts, cullotes, you name it! It’s that extra something that you need in your daily dress up. Not to mention, stripes are not an overwhelming pattern and it can also act as a basic for a look that can be paired with an outerwear like parka or bomber jackets.

6. Black Pants

Black pants never go out of style, be it denim, jeggings, leggings, or tights. Black pants is the perfect pairing to your tops more often than not. It goes with anything, and it’s very slimming. Regardless if your style is more feminine or masculine, you need black pants in your wardrobe as a go to piece to build your outfit around.

7. Fitted Jeans

Another essential that is different from the black pants is a fitted jeans. This is worth investing on because jeans never go out of style and the ones that fits you right are usually quite pricey. Unless you are a ninja in the thrift store with a body type that fits most sizes, you usually will need to invest for a very fitting jeans  that compliments your figure. The colour doesn’t matter, it could be navy, light blue, army green, or even maroon, as long as it fits you in all the right places, it’ll be worth it!

8. Graphic Tees

Graphic tees can be treated as first the layer to an outfit, but it can also be a statement piece. The pairing of t-shirt and jeans shouldn’t be as dull when you put on a graphic tee. It is a way to showcase your personal style by the choice of graphic or wordings and it is also a great way for you to send a message across. For example, “I AM A FEMINIST’, or “90s Kids” can showcase a little bit of your personality through something as simple as a graphic tee.

9. Button Downs

Button downs are essentials for formal events or semi-formal events. There will be occasions in our lives in which we would need to adhere to a certain dress code and most of the time it involves buttons downs. Girls and guys should own a few variety of dressy button-downs preferably bright pastel colours for events such as interviews, seminars, engagement parties, and so on. You would thank us later!

10. LBD

This is the most cliché wardrobe essential, but clichés are often true. Ladies need a black dress in their wardrobe; the term “little” is loosely interpreted here. You can have it at any length you prefer, short, midi, mini, long, as long as it caters to your personal likings and style. Having a go-to LBD in your closet will save you during many occasions in which you have a night out with friend celebrating someone’s surprise birthday, or simply to a dinner with your boyfriend and you’re too tired to iron that fancy blouse.

Regardless of the things that we have listed to help you get started, it depends solely on your personal style and never be afraid to experiment and be bold! Confidence is the key.


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