4 Long Distance Relationship Activities You Can Do

Being in a long-distance relationship is extremely hard as you can't see each other and for most people, they need to see their love ones often and spend a lot of time together if possible. The long-distance relationships also struggle a lot as they can't go on dates or Netflix and chill with their significant others as often. Plus with the pressure of relationship goals that are heavily promoted on social media now, it is not surprised that everyone tends to get angst when they are in long-distance relationships.

Not only that, long-distance relationships often struggle with communication and jealously as both people are probably busy half of the day without the time to update each other which may result in one person feeling left out from the other person's life.

Here are a few tips and suggestions on how to improve your relationship if you are practicing long-distance relationship with your significant other!

Video calls

I am sure a big number of couples are already doing this but those who have not, you should really try it. Sure you can have your usual voice call for hours but it is nicer when you can actually see your partner while you are on call. 

Nowadays, a lot of chatting application in your phone offers this feature so you can easily video call your partner with various apps in your phone or you can turn on your laptop and use the good old Skype to video call them. 

You can also have a date via video call! Get all dressed up and the two of you can just sit there and talk all night long.

Netflix and chill together

Want a date night with your partner? Download Netflix party on your Chrome browser on your laptop and use it while watching Netflix. With this, both of you can watch the same show simultaneously! If either one of you needs a bathroom break, you can also pause your screen and your partner screen will be pause automatically as well.

Not only that, but you can also simultaneously chat while watching Netflix! You don't have to worry about going back and forth to your phone to chat with your partner.

Multiplayer game

Another great activity is to download a multiplayer game that you both enjoy. There are various games that allow multiple users to join in their games. This way, the two of you can enjoy the game night even if you are not together in one room! Make it even more fun by making it a competition, who knows you might win!

Shared diary

This is a great thing for long-distance relationships as you are not able to just drop by and talk with each other. Find an app that allows you to write and share it with your significant other. Being in a long-distance relationship, it is hard to constantly be on your phone and there will be times when your partner cannot attend to your needs via the phone immediately. If you are feeling especially down or need a place to rant, write it down and if you want to, share it with your partner so they will be able to understand you better and more in-depth even though they are far away. This is also helpful for those that struggle to talk to their partner about their feelings and emotions.

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