4 Tips To Keep Your House Clean ALL The Time!

It is always a struggle to keep our house clean all the time right? There are times when we get lazy and will delay the cleaning to another time, which often lead to making things piled up and make us even lazier. For example, maybe today you decide to skip doing the dishes then tomorrow, you get even lazier seeing there are even more dishes to do. This is a common thing that happens to me, but now I seem to find some little ways to help me ensure my house is clean even when I am lazy. 

Reduce things on display

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First thing I did was to reduce the things on display. Why? Sure it looks good on display but over time it will get dusty and will require cleaning. Not only that, these things are usually being used and since it is on display, I can see the mess all the time until I get to cleaning and arranging it. This only makes my house look messier all the time as there will always be clutters everywhere yikes. That is not the look I am going for.  

Have a home for everything

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Another thing I learn is to make a home for everything. For example, the forks an spoons go into the cup for drying and then the first drawer after drying. All the cups and bottles are kept in one drawer so I can easily find them and I know where to keep them after use. This helps to create a system for you to follow which will make it easier for you to clean and maintain. Another example is, keep your frequently used skincare and make up in one location, this way you can easily reach for them and you can also easily store them after use instead of trying to keep one item here and another there. Use containers if it is easier for you! Plus they hide clutters.

Multi-functional items

Multi-functional items save my life! Why? It reduces the amount of items I need to have as one item can act as two or three items. My can opener can also be used as a bottle opener, this ensures that I do not have yet another item adding to the clutter in my drawers. Same goes with my laptop stand, when not in use, I can use it as my laptop storage to be kept in a drawer instead of leaving it on the table. You should take a look at the items you have and see if they can be multi-functional!

Keep things after use

The last thing I learn is the most important step in ensuring my house is almost always clean. I start building the habit to keep things where they belong right after using them. Why? This ensures I do not leave it in random places, creating clutter and mess which I need to clean later. Reducing the number of items I have in the first place helps to make this habit easier. Creating a home for everything also helps as I know where each item belongs to.

I hope this will help you to ensure your house is clean especially now that we are spending more time at home. I understand that it is hard to maintain a clean house, I hope sharing these will help you!

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