5 Sweet Deals to Get During Independence Day

We are celebrating our 61st Independence today, did you know that this is the best time to get deals as most stores will do something to celebrate 31st August? You should take advantage of the sales before SST come!

Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins are having yet another crazy promotion this time around. They are introducing two limited edition Merdeka Single and Merdeka Double ice creams and they are also having a sale on all their hand-packed products. You can get 31% off any pint, quart, or half gallon of packed ice cream from 29th to 31st August.


Tealive is well-known as the shop to get bubble tea but did you know they have various other drinks that are very Malaysian? Yes surprising right, they have something else besides milk tea pearl, matcha and strawberry pudding? If you have been ordering the same thing all this while, today you should try something new because they are offering 31% off for their BuahRaja milkshake. You can choose between two flavour, cempedak or durian. Truly buah raja wei!

Texas Chicken

If you are craving for some good fried chicken that’s more than just finger licking good, then you are in luck because Texas Chicken is having a crazy promotion on Independence Day. You can purchase their 2 pieces chicken set which comes coke for only RM6.10! Just thinking about this makes me hungry, I guess you know where you can see me later!

Famous Amos

One of Malaysian’s favourite cookies of all time, Famous Amos is back with another sweet promotion for all their fans. You can get 50% extra cookies (150g) with every purchase of 300g bag of cookies from any Famous Amos outlet in Malaysia. What are you waiting for! Quick! Get some for yourself!

Big Apple Donuts

Not a cookie fan but a doughnuts fan? Well don’t worry, Big Apple Donuts have something new in their menu and if you get a box of 6 then you will be able to purchase the 2nd box of regular donuts with 50% less of the original price! What’s even better? Their promotion runs from today until 16th September! You can have doughnuts all day everyday until Malaysia Day!

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