5 Tips On How To Be Confident With Your Own Style

"Style is subjective, you define your own style".

Everyone has their own preferred style. But when it comes to putting effort in your style, it means you want to stand out instead of fitting in with the crowd, and there's nothing wrong with that! You have the right to choose to look good! So here's my 6 tips on how to be confident with the style you put on;

1. Be Comfortable

Whatever it is you're wearing, be comfortable with it! Some people have their own standard of comfort zone. If you want to expand your styling sense and try something new, it takes time and practice. Most people are comfortable wearing cotton and linen clothing material because of its casual and comfortable feel. When it comes to formality and high fashion, the fabric can be slightly more uncomfortable for people who are not used to it such as velvet, satin, silk, etc. This takes practice so you must have a sense of wanting to try something new to go beyond your comfort zone and stretch it!

2. Know Your Style

One of the biggest factors of uncertainty or having less confidence is due to the lack of knowledge. Commonly people are thinking "am I wearing an up-to-date fashion trend?", "Am I wearing this tie correctly?". Lack of knowledge will deter a person's confidence, so the solution to it is to know what you're doing with your style. The way to know what you're doing is to study about it. For example, the main function of a waist coat is to keep your tie in the middle, aligned with your gig line. Another way to know what you're doing is to ask the people around you. There's nothing wrong with asking for opinions of others on how you look. At least, if you know what's wrong, you can improve directly.

3. Understand Your Style

After learning about the basic idea of style, then it goes down to your "big why". You have to understand the nature of the style you embody at each moment. When you're planning to attend a wedding, of course you need to dress up into something more formal and fancy. When it comes to hanging out with friends at the mall, you might want to go for something more casual. Whatever it is you are wearing and whatever style you put out, you are actually sending a message. Your style is a non-verbal communication to the public. Dressing too much can show a loud non-verbal communication. You also need to take note of where you are going and who are the audience there that you want to impress.

4. F*ck What They Say

Yes, there will always be negative thoughts. But it doesn't mean you should mind what they say. Some knowledge about fashion is a must to know about but you must also remember that there will always be narcissistic and mean people who are out there just to bring you down. Pay no attention to them and keep walking. That way, you will have more time to focus on your image while they waste their time criticizing on you.

5. Be Confident

There's no doubt about it, if you want to be confident with your style, you have to own confidence itself. They say "don't dress to impress". I say "you can do whatever the hell you want". If you want to dress to impress, go for it because first impression does matter. Never be afraid to be the best dressed person in the room and give an impact that nobody can forget.

So there it is. 5 simple steps to have that confidence to complement your style allowing it to reach its full potential. Your style can be anything from urban street wear to high-end gentlemen's fashion, but the one thing that sets you apart from the rest of the crowd is your uniqueness in style as well as the confidence to top off that style with finesse!

Hope these tips will help you rock your style with confidence! You can also find me on Instagram and Facebook.

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useful tips to properly dress yourself .. thanks for the useful info

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