5 Ways to Style Up Our Official Tees

     If you’re like us, one reason you choose to wear our official tees ( besides it's awesome design and expressing your fandom)  is because they’re comfortable. Though we all enjoy dresses and donning fancier outfits from time to time, t-shirts will always be the first choice for us as it is a go-to piece of clothing when we need to feel relaxed. So basically we pair our official tees with jeans, sneakers or flats, and maybe a jacket. It’s simple and doesn’t require a lot of thought on the dressing up part. However, changing your look from time to time is a good idea and some situations calls for a dressier look.

So we're here to take our official tees to the next level. Trust us, if we can pull it off, anyone can because styling up is easy. Here are 5 ways to make your collection of our official tees look less casual and more snazzy. Most of these tips apply for both women and men ;)


Style 1

Breaking Boundaries 1 (Men)


      For men, you can try to pull off our Breaking Boundaries official tees by pair it with a denim jacket ; a stated felt fedora and a black ripped ankle skinny jeans.

Breaking Boundaries (Women)


      As for women, we highly recommend you guys to wear it like a skate girl. Finish the look by wearing a snapback. Pair it with long white socks for a more rugged look and don't forget to bring along your skateboard to skate around with your homies ;)


Style 2

Breaking Boundaries 2 (Men)


     For the Breaking Boundaries 2, you can pull out a way more street style outfit compared to our Breaking Boundaries 1. As you can see, the model is wearing a slightly darker denim jacket than the previous one ; and we style it in a way that it looks more streetwear by wearing a snapback.

Breaking Boundaries (Women)

      As for women, we are styling our Breaking Boundaries 2 in what we call a "blogger style". We pair it with a stated felt fedora, a choker, an oversized denim jacket and a mini black skirt to create a girly and formal look.


Style 3

Bandits on the Move (Men)


      For our Bandits on the Move official tee, we paired our shirt with a black and red checkered flannel together with a snapback to create a young and wild look especially for the teenagers, this outfit would be the most easiest and effortless look for you guys.

Bandits on the Move (Women)


     As for women,  we are also style it with a checkered shirt and oversized denim to create a street style look by pair it with a skateboarding shoes, for example; Vans Old Skool :)



LanYeng (Men)


     As for Lan Yeng, we're going to pull out a black on black outfit for this official tee, by pairing it with a black ankle ripped skinny  jeans, a snapback and a Nike Stefan Janoski Skateboarding sneaker.

LanYeng (Women)


     As for women in black on black outfit, we pair it with a black skinny ripped jeans, a leather jacket and a pair of Nike Huareche to create a grunge look. This outfit is totally perfect for the girls on a night out with their friends.


     As for our second choice, you can also pull off our LanYeng with a way more casual and effortless outfit by pair it with a sweatpants, a simple black choker and bracelet.

     There are so many ways to style our official tees if you are willing to put some effort and time to mix and match your outfit according to the mood of the day. And once again, we hope you could find a suitable outfit for yourself and dare yourself to try something new! :)












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