7 Things You CAN And MUST DO In 2018!!

Just like every year, Malaysians will normally come up with new resolutions or "azam baru". But most of us Malaysians don't even achieve any of those resolutions! Therefore, in my opinion, here are my TOP 7 THINGS TO DO IN 2018 that you definitely must and can do as a Malaysian!

1. Travel Somewhere

Travel anywhere in Malaysia as long as its not your kitchen or backyard! Let's be real guys, Malaysia is indeed truly Asia and you can find tons of amazing places to visit! My personal take would be visit Sabah :P

2. Spend Time With Family

No matter how busy you are, find that one day to just spend time with your family during the day when you normally work. Not only will you enjoy that free tension time but it can bring you closer to your family as well.

3. Hit The GYM

It doesn't matter if you're hitting the gym consistently everyday, every week or every month, just hit it at least once. And when you're in the gym, don't just go there, lift a few weights or two, and take pictures to post it on Instagram. Be real! You're there to burn those bad intakes out of your body and boost up your self-confidence! GO HARD.

4. Reward Yourself

Get yourself a nice treat! Whether its an ice cold beverage, an expensive lobster or a relaxing time at the spa, REWARD YOURSELF. You've worked hard in 2017 and you will definitely work even harder in 2018. But one thing's for sure, never forget to reward yourself to boost that extra motivation up!

5. Change Your Style

Everyone is comfortable with their own particular style but for this coming 2018, I urge you guys to try something new and just get out of your comfort zone in terms of style and fashion! And it doesn't apply just on your clothing, I'm talking about serious makeover including your hairstyle as well!

6. Go Shopping










Treat yourself with a nice and simple SHOPPING SPREE! Spoil yourself or the people you love with awesome gifts!

7. Save Some Money

Save up at least RM100 each month. Deposit it into the bank. Use it for next year! Or if you have any plans to upgrade your lifestyle, go ahead! If you're looking to save up just for the future, I urge you to go for it as well!


Exaggerating new year resolutions are just too cliche and most people don't even walk the talk. So here are my personal suggestion for the 7 things that you can definitely do next year! 

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Eric P.

Perfect list, you just need a little bit of courage to change your life for the better to help and all the things you have listed will probably do so.

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